Rules to improve women’s sexual pleasure

Medical research has proved that orgasm has many health care effects, such as relieving pressure, reducing pain, eliminating depression, promoting blood flow, improving brain power, and benefiting longevity. However, in real sexual life, only one third of women often have orgasms. One in 10 women never know what orgasm is. In a recent article published by the daily mail, experts have summed up the reasons why women’s orgasm is hindered and how to improve women’s pleasure.

The law of improving women’s sexual pleasure

In foreign countries, doctors solve such problems, first of all, let patients gradually accept their own behavior. Here are a few tips to help women achieve orgasm:

1. Ladies first

It is a basic principle to pay attention to women’s feelings in sexual behavior and let women take the lead in achieving orgasm. This can not only ensure that women get more orgasmic experience, but also help men with erectile dysfunction get effective sexual stimulation and achieve full sexual arousal. Foreign clinical research shows that women who first reach orgasm are far healthier than women who reach orgasm later. Use sex doll and sex toy to enhance the sex experience.

2. Make full use of non genital stimulation

Many couples blame premature ejaculation on women’s lack of orgasm, which is largely a misunderstanding. Because simply prolonging sexual intercourse does not make women reach orgasm automatically. However, after partners use caress, as well as hand and mouth stimulation and other means, the two sensitive areas of female clitoris and G-spot are fully stimulated, but they are more likely to have orgasm.

For women, moderate masturbation is also a good rehearsal of sexual intercourse, which is an important part or supplement of married sexual life. Of course, when masturbating, clitoral stimulation should be appropriate and gentle. Don’t always guess his sexual needs, don’t worry about not meeting him, fully express your ideas, both sides get satisfaction together, and it’s also what men want to unify sex and love.

At the same time, say what you want. Many women have their own sexual needs and preferences, for example, a certain posture is more likely to climax, a certain caress is more likely to be excited, but they often do not want to say it, but wait for each other to develop. In fact, nothing can stop you from enjoying sex, finding the right opportunity to say what you think, and daring to try, your sex life will burst out with more passion. Only in this way can the partners get the pleasure of sex together.