Gender new knowledge: Men and women bathroom intimacy should pay attention to six points

  1. Multi-belt condoms

Having sex in water has its own fun, but it still needs to pay attention to contraception. Hot water and chemicals (such as chlorine) are likely to damage the durability of the condom, and the protective effect of the condom can be greatly reduced. In addition, the probability of sex condoms falling off in the water will greatly increase, it is best to prepare more spare condoms. Secondly, it is easy to take a lot of water with a sleeve in the water, it is best to bring it before going into the water.

2, pay attention to safety

A big problem with swimming pool sex is that chlorine is often used for disinfection, and the pool water will go in and out of your female partner’s sexual organs, which will cause injury and infection. Having a bath or shower is relatively safe, but it’s best to stick the non-slip paper on the floor. I think once you start, you don’t want your baby girl companion to be embarrassed. What can be held in my hand (a solid shelf on the wall, an iron rod). This provides a support point for rear-entry.

  1. Dealing with troubles

Sex in water is naturally a factor of water. The water itself has resistance and buoyancy, which will hinder the male penis from entering and exiting to a certain degree. In addition, if there is not enough space to stretch, sex in the water will make them bothersome, and maybe accidentally be choked by water.

Sex in water is not only that men need more strength to cope with the resistance of water. Secondly, the water will wash away the natural lubricating fluid secreted by the woman, so the pleasure of dating is also reduced. It is prudent to use silicone oil-based lubricants that are not water-soluble because of this type of lubrication.

  1. Find more pivots

The danger of having sex in water mainly comes from the position when making love, if there is no fulcrum because the water factor is easy to slip and hurt. Therefore, it is best to choose a well fixed fulcrum when having sex in the water, so that men can lean on their backs or women can hold their hands. It is best to choose a back-in posture in order to increase the stability of the sex position.

5, let her husband sleep more after sex

After sexual passion, maybe you also long for a lingering “suffix”. But for his long-term health, abandoning this request is a sacrifice you deserve. American physiologists have done a lot of investigations and found that men who sleep well have longer erections and persistence than men who have chronically lacked sleep.

  1. Prepare more low-fat food for your husband

Busy work has made many men choose fast food to cope with the common problem of fast food is a high fat, high calories. Therefore, the wife may consciously give him more low-fat foods, such as fish, meat, shrimp, bamboo shoots, green leafy vegetables, radishes, low-fat or skimmed milk, and various fruits. If he has to eat fast food at noon, why not pack an apple or a cup of low-fat yogurt in his bag.

A high-fat diet or excess calories can easily cause cholesterol in the blood to increase, forming hyperlipidemia, making the blood thicker, slower flow, lowering the amount of oxygen carried, and even worse, atherosclerosis. In this way, the arteries of the Y-stem naturally become less smooth, and the blood supply to the Y-stem is reduced, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the Y-stem, which has become “passive water”, which impedes male sexual intercourse.

If your partner is tired, but you are still in the stage of excitement and energy, this time you can take out the tpe sex doll. Although the dolls are not real people, they will not feel tired and can better satisfy you. sexual desire.