Sex toy sales surge following coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak seems to have an unexpectedly stimulating effect on people’s sex lives, new figures suggest. Sex toy brand Womanizer has reported sales figures more than 50% above what it had originally forecast for the period running from 1 January to 6 March. 

Sales in Italy are 60% higher than predicted, while the USA is trending 60% above forecast numbers. Take a look at our guide to the best sex toys if you’re thinking of getting in on the action.

We’re fairly sure it’s not the prospect of imminent social collapse that’s getting people hot under the collar, and that this surge in sex toy sales is related to increased numbers of people self isolating. You have to find something to do, right?RECOMMENDED SOME SEX DOLLL FOR YOU….


Shae is a very RARE big sex hair girl in the sex doll marketplace with boobies as huge as this! you can’t image her breasts are f-cup. many female are jealous her breast and all men are fantastic to touch her breasts.   
“It is always hard for me to be in a public place without men trying to grab a handful of these glorious tits,” she says. “My long nipples become really hard and erect when a man looks at them, and yes, they adore tit-f**king a guy’s thingie in their deep, deep cleavage!”


 she is from an American, born in a ordinary family. She wanted to learn ballet since she was a child. She dreamed of dancing on the stage and dream she is an elegant swan.
But as she grew up, she found that she was not suitable for a ballet actress because her chest is too big.
“Although I can be a ballet actress, I still like to wear  the clothes with whiter lace. I wear the bra, panties with white lace and lace stockings. I will happy when I wear these. I think I so pretty, and man will love me. hey,man, I can tell you what big breasts I have.”


The sex doll Katie was a nurse, worked in hospital, but now she is quit. she wanna be a dancer in red-light district. 
“maybe you will think I am a slut. yes, I admit that. in the hospital, I was slept with doctor, nurse, even the patients. so I think that is not right, I cannot stop it. “
“Feel free to get rough with me – as rough as you like – and I will only be asking for more. And more, and more, and more…” she says.
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