Male sex dolls designed for women are gaining popularity

The market for male sex dolls designed for women has suddenly become hot in the past year or so, with a number of sex robot companies launching their own male dolls.

For example, the recent release of a male doll named “Zack” has attracted a lot of attention, and he has set the market on fire with his well-designed appearance. A Los Angeles-based sex doll maker recently launched three male models: Aquila, with sexy freckles on his face; William and Gabriel, like Lenny Kravitz and Mark Consuvelo respectively, are just a little squinty.

Zack, currently on sale at a dollhouse in Canada

Each doll can be customized, and the private parts can come in different colors and sizes, as well as the choice of upright and relaxed, you can choose. Of course, the price is sexy too: the base price is $6,750, not including upgrades and shipping.

Another artificial intelligence company Sinthetics released a sex robot called Henry last year. When Brian Gill launched sex doll in silicone wife in 2015, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. About a year ago, with the female doll business booming, Jill decided to try selling male dolls as well. Today, It offers four types of male dolls, mainly made by a factory in Zhongshan, China.

Male sex robot

Hunter, he’s a muscle man. Wrapped in a bath towel, he clasped his hands to his chest and stared into the camera like an overbearing President.

Ethan, who looks like the “young boy” of the moment, has a precocious, stubborn childlike nature that makes you suddenly overprotective and motherly.

Patrick, two dimensional, silver hair, looks a bit like a vampire

Liam is a doll with a large private parts but no idea whether it is technically good or not. His face has a “empty but satisfied” expression, looks quite cowboy temperament. Well, just look at the picture.

Three different male dolls

And then there’s the upcoming doll, which has the bad boy look of James spader’s early days. The dolls retail for $2,000.

A more “manly” doll has yet to be named

Like Zack, most male dolls have personal biographies of sexual satisfaction and commitment. Hunter, for example, highlighted his career as a flight attendant and is “looking for a full-time playmate and life partner.”Well, isn’t it a bit like dating sites?

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :