The development of the market for tens of billions of sex toys

Because of the privacy of sex toys, many people are willing to try to buy online.A few decades ago, at the sex toy convenience store, people have seen a lot of things that have not been seen. Anyone who has sex with them can be found here. Those who are willing to buy will flee with the purchased products in the first time, and more often don’t dare to rush in before the door. How has the current sex industry developed after more than 20 years?

With the rapid spread of the Internet, the interest industry has developed greatly. In 2015, it was the year of the outbreak of Chinese sex toys. In this year, the data of the fun industry reached its peak.

Undoubtedly, under the wave of “Internet +”, the sex doll industry, which was full of “sexuality” and full of words such as “shame”, “skull” and “taboo”, began to enter the public’s field of vision and was slowly becoming famous. The gradual rise of commercial companies also proves that this is a market with many pain points, realizable and great potential.

Take Japan, the United States, and China as an example. In 2015, for example, Japanese sex toys traded at US$83 billion, US sex toys traded at US$65 billion, and Chinese sex toys traded at US$18 billion. Second, in smart sales. In the freighter market, Japan has 6.5 million units, the United States has 5.1 million units, and China has 500,000 self-service vending machines.