How to manage the doll’s wig?

Since you all know how to care for sex dolls, do you know the wig? If you buy expensive wigs, do you know how to care? In this article, we will delve into the care and maintenance of sex doll wigs.

It is important to want a sex doll to look more attractive and attractive. Generally, when purchasing sex dolls, they are tailor-made wigs, which are the simplest ways to wear them.
a. Use wig caps and hair clips
b. Use wig caps and velcro
But also note that:
• Avoid wearing a black wig cap. Always choose a light-colored wig cap, because black wig caps tend to leave stains on the doll when placed for too long. This is especially true for dolls with a soft complexion. Even if your baby’s skin is dark, experts still recommend using a light wig cap.
• Avoid adhesives. Adhesives and glue can damage the scalp of the doll. They are dirty, more difficult to remove, and can damage the skin of sex dolls. You don’t want this. What about you?
It is easy to clean sex dolls. How do you ensure that your dolls always have a beautiful and thick long hair?

  1. Take off the wig of the sex doll. This protects the skin of the doll from bruising and makes the whole process easier.
  2. Wet the wig with water. It goes without saying that reducing wigs makes brushing easier.
  3. Gently brush the wig. First untie the knot by hand and do not force the brush through the hair. Gently brush your hair from the tip of your hair. At this time, slight hair loss is normal.
    Then how to clean it? The frequency of washing depends on the material of the wig (synthetic or real hair). Although synthetic wigs do not collect too much oil like real hair, be sure to clean them after a while to remove accumulated dust.
    • Use warm water to a depth sufficient to drown the wig. Avoid using hot water because it can ruin the skin of a doll
    • Add shampoo and immerse the wig in the water. Using a little shampoo, gently immerse the wig into the water. Let the wig wait a few minutes in the water before washing.
    • Gently wash to avoid re-developing the knot in the wig.
    • Remove the wig and rinse with fresh tap water. Remove the wig from the soapy water and rinse with water.
    • Gently squeeze and dry the wig. Before using a dry towel to dry the wig, carefully squeeze to avoid tangling the wig.
    • Brush the wig and hang it to dry. Finally, gently brush the wig and hang it in a cool, dry place.