How to keep sex fresh

Perfect sex is not only the integration of each other, but also the influence of many other aspects. Especially after the couple has been together for several years in their sexual life, if they want to have a perfect sex, the influence of all aspects cannot be ignored, such as the relationship between husband and wife, such as the surrounding environment of sex, such as the psychological state of two people, etc., so if they want to have a high-quality sex, they should Learn to create a sexual environment.

Fresh sex.

Where you have sex may be more exciting to your wife than how you do it. Even if you have sex in another room of your house, or tell her in a quiet voice in a crowded room how excited she makes you, you can still keep novelty and excitement. Sex is a sensory experience, and when you use all your senses, passion increases. Once you limit where you make love, you are limiting yourself. Before you try, you’ll never know how exciting it is to have sex in the wrong place. Anywhere in the world can be a place to have sex, or it can become uncomfortable or rush to do things, but in the car, outdoors, or in the restroom of a party, the passion generated by sex is worth more than any inconvenience. You don’t have to give up your bedroom and cozy privacy either, but if you get the chance, you’ll have a memorable experience. Proper use of sex toy and sex doll can also keep sex fresh.

New plan

You can plan your sex in unusual places, or you can do it naturally in those places. Your wife may grudgingly agree, or be afraid that you will be caught alive. Don’t force her, but when you see a good place and time allows, don’t hesitate to suggest that she have sex. Your wife may just need to get used to the idea, so let her be interested in it. If you plan to have sex in an unusual place, make sure everything is arranged in advance. When you tell your partner your plan and both of them are in the situation, you must not stop for some reason in this situation, otherwise it will only cause frustration. Show your physical attraction to your wife at all times, and you will greatly strengthen your sexual relationship. If you limit sex to a particular occasion or place, your other disks will also be isolated. If you’re going to make your woman crazy in bed, make sure sex is a routine.

Free time

It’s not a brilliant idea to limit sex to the same time of day every time. Every day, your body’s Chemicals fluctuate with time, and your sexual experience changes with it. Especially with your new wife, you have an obligation to experience sex at different times. Some people don’t react at all at some time of the day, while at other times, they can hardly restrain themselves, so you need to know your wife’s rhythm and preferences. Many men like to use the morning erection (caused by the pressure of urine in the bladder), but many women think it is the least romantic time of the day. In many cases, it’s uncomfortable for a woman to have sex with a bladder full of urine. Besides, this kind of pressure often causes urinary infection. If you want to have sex in the morning, be sure to pay attention to your wife’s reaction. Suggest that she go to the toilet, or two people brush their teeth. Make everything fresh for her, you will have a wonderful time. The sex in the afternoon will also be very good. Usually you have to work hard at this time. At this time, making love will add considerable stimulation.

A pleasant experience

Quick decisions can be made anywhere and should be encouraged, after all, that’s what they’re trying to achieve. It’s OK to come out once in the evening, or prepare breakfast on Sunday, or have sex before you go to work. The most common time to have sex at night is before going to bed. The problem was that many people were too tired at that time to create a truly enjoyable sexual experience, which made sex routine. It doesn’t need much energy from husband and wife, you can reach the climax and enjoy the pleasure. Spend more time engaging in sex, try new things, and get back the spark that’s gradually extinguished in your relationship due to time and lack of spontaneity.