Swedish uncle with three physical

Today’s show features a 32-year-old single man from sweden who has already bought three dolls and has revealed he will buy more in the future.he claimed on his blog that he had a relationship,but it enede in divorce.after careful consideration of the uncle decided not to date any girls,but the physiological needs of the total to solve,later uncle found the physical doll this artifact can be broken.Da shu admits that the physical dolls have brought some changes to his boring life.let’s take a look at how da shu lives with three physical dolls.

the uncle’s three companions,from left to right,are booberell,vanessa,and alicea

-for what reason do you need a doll?

i really don’t want that kind of relationship anymore,because it hasn’t been very good in my past.i’m used to being alone.i don’t feel any bad.i actually feel more comfortable when i’m alone,but the sex and the food,the sex and the sex,taht aspect of the need has to be addressed,and that’s the main reason i need dolls,they meet my needs.i don’t have to go out of my way to ask a girl out,but then i found out that they’re not just for your physical needs.yes,they’re beautiful.you’re happy when you see them.i started to like dressing then up,giving them different hairstyles to make them look beautiful,and then taking lots of beautiful pictures.they didn’t cause me any discomfort,and i felt like they gave me something positive,which was that i started to focus on my life.


-do you work with dolls?how does it feel?

yeah,i’ll do it with them.it’s not as good as a real person.that’s a good thing ,too,because there will be more awesome dolls in the duture that will be more fun to use than today’s.but considering that i don’t want to go out with girls anymore,having sex with a doll is basically what i need,and i’ve always felt it.


-do you sleep with them?

yes,because i like to have “someone” with me .i feel good holding them.people need company.


-will you pour your true feelings into the doll?

no,i love my dolls,but there is no such thing as real emotion.i love them as much as i love my TV,my DVD,my computer.

-where do you store them?

they are all in public.either lie in bed or sit in the leather chair next to me.i don’t want to put them in a closet or somewhere else.in fact,i don’t have enough space to hide them anywhere right now.

-did you hide them before the people came over?

no,no one else has been to my place.

Booberell and Alicea

-why do you have more than one doll?how many do you want?

i like all kinds of dolls.there are so many beautiful dolls out here,i don’t want to have just one.it doesn’t like its deception.i don’t know how many i need,maybe just one.but i want more people because i like dolls so much.so i will definitely buy more people.

-do you usually clean them?

yes,i clean their vagina,anus or mouth after each use.i wash my dolls once a mouth,if not often.

-do you talk to them?

no,idon’t,if i want to talk,i’ll find someone else.buit i don’t need it.

-do you think your doll is a person?

no ,like i answeres above,i don’t talk to them,i’ll take care of them.dress them,bathe them,make them up,and so on.i never thought of them as a real human being.


_does your doll have a name?

yes,they do.i like that they have names.this is very common.when you share photos of them and make photo stories,it’s easier for everyone to accept them is you call them by name instead of merchandise.

-what does the lower part of the doll look like?

in any case,their genitals are really very similar to real vaginas.

-how does the doll’s skin compare to a real person?

they are made of TPE and her skin feels very good and smooth to the touch.it feels very close to a real woman’s skin.of course,some women with good skin are a different store.

-who do you think your doll resembles?

i don’t think my doll bears any resemblance to any particular woman.

-you’ve given up on real women now?

for now,yes,i really don’t want to touch any more women.

-do you unlock a lot of positions when you do them?

yes,they have a metal skeleton in their body,and the joints allow them to maintain their posture.they can even stand up on their own.as long as i put them in position they don’t change their position easily because of external forces.

-what are they made of?

my doll is made of tpe material.it’s a mixture of rubber and plastic,so they have soft,realistic skin.


-how much did the doll cost you?

each doll cost me at least$1200 to $1800.

-have you ever taken your doll outside?

no,i don’t think i ever will.that will only draw unwanted attention.

-are the rest of them realistic?

yes.some of the details are true to life.

-do you like one doll so much that you ignore the others?

no,they are all equally precious to me.because each of them is unique.

-what don’t you like about dolls?

they don’t cook,they don’t clean my house,they don’t wash my clothes,they don’t wash my dishes,they don’t wash themselves.


-what do you ever wondered what would have happened if you had dolls earlier?

yes,if i had my doll when i was 18,i could have avoided a lot of the pain in my life,like my disastrous relationship.

-how do you fix it if it breaks?

if it’s a normal tear,i can fix it with glue.if it’s a big tear or a skeleton problem,there’s nothing i can do.

-do they bother to maintain?

if you only have one doll,it won’t be too much trouble.but when you have there dolls,the repair is three times as much.it takes time and energy to shower and maintain.

-how long does your doll live?

TPE dolls are relatively new to the market,so they will have a shorter life.but with the right care,they can serve you for at least two to five years?of course,it also depends on how pften you use them and what you do with them.

-do you think you’ll ever want to stop playing with dolls?

no,i can’t think of any reason to do that at the moment.

-do you often have sex with them?

about 1-3 times a week,aometimes the rise will come.

-do you work with one doll at a time,or with a group of them?

i only work with one doll at a time.i’m not interested in a group p or anything