Do sex condoms also taste? No. 1 pickled spicy?

Condoms are all kinds of things now. In addition to the basic functions of contraception and keeping you safe and loving, there are also various flavors to choose from.

Recently, Indian condom brand Manforce invented a spicy, pickled condom that they believe will make your love “charming and seductive”.
Although it sounds incredible, data shows that flavored condoms actually account for more than half of India’s market sales.

According to the New York Post, experts say the popularity of various types of seasoned condoms is having a positive impact.

As oral sex is gaining popularity worldwide, flavored condoms have played an important role in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Condom makers say the use of the term “condom” is still taboo for many conservative but sexually active people in India, who have to ask pharmacists for “rubber” and not buy it at grocery stores like ordinary people Come and hide it in the orange juice and fruit in the shopping basket.

Many people find it more convenient to season condoms because they can simply ask the pharmacist for “a taste” without having to mention condoms or euphemisms about “rubber.”

According to a new report from the Indian Center for Health Statistics, the popularity of flavored condoms in India is in line with the growth in US condom use. The survey found that the use of condoms (one of the best ways to avoid sexually transmitted diseases) is on the rise, although few people actually report the use of condoms.

Between 2011 and 2015, about one-third of all men surveyed used condoms during their last sexual intercourse. The report states that this is 13% more than in 2002.
In other words, condoms still have a lot of room for product development and profit growth.

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