How to deal with man’s physiological period correctly

Every month, women have a few days of “special circumstances”, but it is not women’s patent to have their own physiological cycle. Men and women have the same “physiological period”.

For men, the content of testosterone and androgen will decrease periodically every month. People call it “male physiological low tide period”. As a result, men have several days of low spirits, depression, general malaise and even some kind of physical discomfort and not interested in sexual life.

In fact, this is the “physiological period” of men, which mainly leads to sub-health states such as reduced resistance, restlessness, indifference and irritability, depression and boredom, and greatly reduced “interest”. Therefore, men should correctly deal with the arrival of “physiological period”.

First of all, family should give more care to men. Family members should give encouragement, comfort and love to the men in the low period, and understand their emotions. If a man loses his temper inexplicably, don’t worry with him, give him proper space, fully understand and tolerate him, create a relaxed family environment, so as to distract him from the discomfort of “those days”, and help him return to the optimistic period of enthusiasm, pleasure, relaxation, self-confidence and tolerance.

Secondly, we should strengthen physical exercise and build up our physique. During this period of time, the resistance declines and it is easy to get sick. We should exercise more to stimulate the secretion of hormones, strengthen the physique and improve the immunity of human body.

At the same time, we should consciously cultivate ourselves and keep our life regular. It’s better not to stay up late, because staying up late will make the endocrine more disordered and the physiological state worse. You can use sex dolls or sex toys without a partner

Finally, pay attention to psychological adjustment and communication. Men should learn to reduce pressure and relax themselves and do what they like to do in the period of physiological low tide. If you are under a lot of pressure at work, it’s better to take a little holiday, turn off your mobile phone and computer, listen to music and books, go around, and communicate with friends, and talk about more positive topics.

In a word, the change of male physiological period is not morbid. Just like female physiological period, it is the expression of physiological regulation of human body. This kind of low tide comes and goes quickly. As long as we actively and correctly deal with it, we will easily pass the male physiological low tide.