There’s a sex doll shortage in the US and UK thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

The US and the UK are facing shortages of sex dolls amid a surge in demand and the coronavirus pandemic is to blame.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced countries into lockdown with companies shutting down factories and asking employees to work from home in a desperate attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic also seems to have affected the sex doll industry in the US and UK as they’re facing a shortage of the X-rated dolls that are shipped in from Chinese factories.


Sex doll shortage in the US, UK

Jade Stanley, who owns a sex doll business called Sex Doll Official, revealed that there has been a major slowdown due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation in China. “They’ve gone home, been quarantined and been unable to return to factories,” she told The Sun. Jade’s business went live in 2018 and became the UK’s first to offer sex dolls on rent. However, she is now facing a shortage of supply due to manufacturing disruptions across China.


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