What should I pay attention to when using a physical doll? The answers are here

From “playing with toys” to “getting along with a partner”, this is obviously the growth path for us as normal people, in which we need to learn a lot of knowledge, learn a lot of experiences and lessons, in order to truly grow.

Currently, on the Internet is still lack of information on how to correctly use inflatable dolls strategy, which makes the damage of the inflatable doll and depreciation is very common, some people in his old “toy” casually discarded in landfills, it not only results in the city of indecent, and this also is very not environmental protection, is not in the concept of low carbon economy.

There are a number of special tips and considerations when it comes to “getting along” with a sex doll — we should treat it like a partner, not just a cold toy.

It’s a companion, not a toy.

In the beginning, we must make it clear that the biggest problem with the wrong “manipulation” of sex dolls is that they prevent you from having the greatest fun. In addition, if the wrong operation caused early damage or even scrap doll, will produce a certain property loss.

Faced with such serious consequences, it is necessary for us to seriously learn how to use it correctly so as to make it play its maximum role and meet our greatest needs.

First of all, we should buy products from reputable brands or online stores to avoid fake and shoddy products

This is crucial because a credit-based society can save us a lot of “detours” when it comes to product selection. Just as you would find a famous matchmaker or matchmaking agency when introducing a girlfriend/boyfriend, you should find a brand shop to buy your artificial partner.

If you use it well, be sure to write a good review online; If there is any problem in use, it should be reported immediately. Slowly, we can build a credit society.

Two, when receiving sex doll, do not be in a hurry to take off the pants on

When we received the dolls products, should first check the appearance, the key parts have damage, or goods not do (such as Ming bought “fan bingbing”, but to the “han hong” section), more importantly, be sure to check whether the “repair”, if it is a second-hand blow-ups, there will be a big risk of infection, must first rule out.

Generally speaking, after the silicone doll is bought do not need to install, and the traditional inflatable doll is to need to install their own manual.

Reference manual during the installation, all of the important parts, such as the mouth, pussy is installed in the correct position, because most of the users of the inflatable doll is a virgin, of deep understanding of the female anatomy, so be sure to read the instructions, avoid all kinds of “hole” installation is wrong, cause unnecessary trouble.

After installation, it is important to inflate the program.

When inflating, must careful attention, place the position of the doll nearby, have sharp article, for example desk horn, scissors, prevent the doll inflates after big, touch these sharp position and produce damage.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the size of the inflatable doll, put the inflatable doll in the right space, do not because the doll inflated and stuck in a small space. Many diaosi live in small housing environments, especially those with only 5 or 6 square meters for rent.

Do not inflate the volume too full, in order to avoid subsequent use of “too hard” explosion. When inflation should also avoid local extrusion of certain parts, flat on the good.

When the air is filled, the goddess gets bigger, and it is believed that many users see their “goddess” getting bigger, some parts must also become hard and larger.

But do remember, this time can not be used!

Take a shower with her. It’s not just about hygiene

Any newly bought dolls, especially those made of silica gel, need to be cleaned and powdered before they can be used.

When the inflatable and installed, you can take your doll to the shower, this is a fun thing to do! It definitely adds a lot of fun. If it’s a high-end doll with electronics, use a wet towel instead of a bath (it can be sterilized with a medical sake).

At the same time, hot showers can also warm up the dolls (some high-end dolls come with their own warm bar), so you don’t want to cuddle a cold person, do you?

What should be noticed when using an inflatable artificial partner? Everything you want to know is here

After the shower, you need to “powder” the doll (just use regular baby powder) and then simply wash it again. The purpose of this step is to remove the excess chemical “grease” from the doll’s body when it leaves the factory, so as to prevent harmful effects on our bodies.

After rinsing again, dry the doll with a dry towel. At this time, you also need to doll for the second “powder”, this “powder” amount can be reduced, as long as the doll feel dry.

Remember, after each use, to repeat the above [cleaning + powder] process, you can put her in the locker, so that you can take good care of your doll. (don’t fall asleep after Xie!)

Again, this [cleaning + powder] is really important. First, sex dolls are objects that come in close contact with our bodies. Second, the doll is not a real person, they will not buy their own skin care products, so the maintenance of the responsibility on our head.

Remember, we need to keep the body of the doll “dry” so that we can “dry”.

If you are a lazy person, can choose and buy that kind of key part can disassemble clean product, after each use, disassemble the key part that is covered with humoral, clean rise can be more convenient.

Four, do everything to “safety first”

Many people asked: and sex doll make love do not want to wear a set? The answer is: yes.

Aside from the fact that wearing a condom can prevent bodily fluids from “contaminating” the doll to cause washing inconvenience, what’s more important is that the condom can protect our fragile and important XX, to avoid injury due to overexertion. Can imagine, we even with real make love are likely to cause injury, let alone with fake equipment to play?

Generally speaking, XX’s injury is not easy to detect, when really found, it is likely to have been infected, the pain is difficult, and this disease is really ashamed to speak up, may also become the putian system of hospital money object, is really not worth the loss.

So, whether it is with the real person or play with the doll, wearing a cover is necessary for the safety of common sense, do not because of a moment of pleasure and a lifetime!

What should be noticed when using an inflatable artificial partner? Everything you want to know is here

In addition, the lubricant that USES special human body is necessary, must not oneself go to use embellish skin dew, wash a face milk, shampoo, dishwashing essence to wait to replace, can have undesirable consequence. There are two kinds of human body lubricant on the market, one is oily, one is water based, the advantage of oil is not easy to get rid of volatile, suitable for lasting users, but cleaning up more trouble; The advantage of water is clean convenient, do not have irritant, shortcoming is volatile namely, when using, must often “fill water”.

Last but not least, should we dress the sex doll? The answer is: yes

One might think that this is “fart with your pants off,” which is a mistake. What a spice it is to dress a baby before taking it off; What’s more, wearing clothes can ensure that the sex doll is not easy to wear, especially the toe, fingertip and other parts, in the long-term use will often wear black (real people? Too much makes it black?) .

The practice of a proposal is, put silk stocking on the hand and foot of inflatable doll, can have interest already so and have protective effect again, why not?

Strange talk interpretation: some people may think, I spend money to buy a doll and not to find a real person, is not the purpose of a convenient well, the result with so much attention, is really irritating.

That’s true.

Perhaps, human life is really a “circle”, at first we really want to figure a convenient so we invented all sorts of sex toys, but in the later, these toys slowly sublimation became the “partner” in our life, and “take care” the partner, we are obliged to do mind and effort, we finally found slowly, it was like real love is!