Four common excuses for men to break up

When men want to break up, they always think of all kinds of excuses. Today, let’s take a look at the four excuses that men often use when they break up.

1. I can’t give you more happiness. I hope you can find a better man than me! It doesn’t have to be all in words. He will show you his actions and emotions. He will let you have a process of psychological acceptance. With all due respect, in the end, he is just waiting for the woman to open her mouth. He constantly thinks that you need to think about it. He loves you but is not able to give you enough happiness. On the basis of this, he will gradually break up. No matter how beautiful they say, the ultimate goal is to break up with you. The fundamental reason is that they don’t love you and have no sexual life. So why do they make the simple word “break up” so complicated? They have at least two kinds of psychology. On the one hand, they are afraid of women’s entanglement, so they play the sad card in the name of love in front of women. On the other hand, they give women a step, as an online passage says: if possible, it’s better to leave the word “break up” to the girl you once loved.

2. My family doesn’t agree that I am with you. I don’t want to delay your youth like this! On the issue of breaking up, a lot of men are willing to face it. Even killing him is not willing to admit that he is willing to break up because he no longer loves you. So he will naturally pull out his parents, and launch icing and tangled persuasion to the woman under the pretext of their authority opposition and filial piety. The more cunning a man is, the more he can play the part of the play. He can “reveal” such information to you months in advance, and show a tangle, so that women can ask him why. However, with all due respect, quite a number of men have done the calculation n times in their hearts. In fact, he has long lost interest in you, only with sex toys and sex dolls as partners

3. Please give me two years. In these two years, I will fight hard alone. When I get back to marry you, some men will make a promise to women when they break up. They will leave a heroic speech to make women moved. At the same time, they have to accept his promise of “going far for love”. But the final solution to break up is time and distance On this issue, in fact, a man has long thought about it. He knows better than anyone that time and distance will change everything. He doesn’t have to break up with women on his own initiative. Time and distance will let women make their own choices. Anyway, as long as two people are not together, I am an independent and free body. You don’t know what I do to stay with which woman.

4. I’m for you. There are many things I can’t tell you. Let’s break up! Compared with the above three kinds, the last kind of man is more able to play. He doesn’t talk to you about anything. He just plays with you deeply. And the deep man is often the most real pain in a woman’s heart. He will put all the past and promises in front of you in one sentence: “dear, I’m for you, there are many things I can’t tell you now, but you will understand later, let’s break up!”

What a deep and manly saying! Women are intoxicated by it. But the sky is always blue. I’m afraid that when women understand it, this man will hold other women in his arms for a long time. When they don’t understand it, they have to understand it. It’s also unclear. In the end, when they broke up with you, they didn’t love you. Women were just fooled by men Just a moment.