What is the difference between a physical doll and an ordinary adult

For the physiological needs of adult men, the market is also a lot of products can be solved, but in one of the most popular, must be a physical doll. Although compared with other products on the price a little expensive, but still can not hinder the many people put up most of the money to buy, even someone will take good is not easy to save tens of thousands of money to buy, that is why, if it is to buy ordinary items, natural easily affordable, why spend so much money, but also can buy a lot, but they still chose this, probably because compared with other products has obvious advantages and differences.

So reasonable entity dolls and other general adult sexual way have what different places, feel different, most of the other products is simpler, and don’t have real maneuvers tactile experience with people, so can let men get physical experience also vary widely, and if so for a long time experience will gradually lose interest, may be again want to replace other products, the new product performance not only need a certain amount of time to completely familiar with and adapt to, also is not necessarily true of all.


And entity dolls on experience feelings of all the products are the most close to reality, so can bring male sex life experience than conventional products, general product is single, is a simple product, and does not take into account the overall feeling, and entity doll carried out in accordance with the reality of 1:1 ratio, on the feeling like a real have a girlfriend, especially for many single men will be a very good experience.

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