Do you know the problems that need to be paid attention to when using all-silicone dolls?

All silicone doll as a male masturbation tool, since the development of the development, has been the majority of oat male attention and favor, but still remind you, of course, the silicone doll is more convenient, single page can not be used for a long time too much, now I will talk about the reasons,There are also concerns about using physical dolls


Notes on using solid silicone dolls

1, the use of silicone dolls should keep it clean and clean, so far there has been no health hazards related to the silicone dolls, each doll after the manufacture will undergo strict acetone disinfection. Keep the doll clean and hygienic is actually very simple, along with the product comes with a set of instructions and cleaning tools, with neutral soap and detergent according to the instructions can be washed.

2,The effect of “all-silica gel doll” although it seems to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases from the surface, if many people use an all-silica gel doll, all-silica gel doll for women and disinfection is not strict, the same infectious diseases. Therefore, in the use of “sex doll” should be their own exclusive use.

3, in the use of “all silicone dolls” to be prudent, should also advocate the use of condoms, can not let their excessive dependence on the whole silicone dolls, and lead to a life of discord between husband and wife.

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