European and American high-end adult products

Everyone knows that the European and American culture is open, and adult products also start early and have a full range. So, which European and American adult products do you know? Especially high-end brands can best show a person’s taste and style. Counting, do you still only know LELO? Then you are out. With Xiaobian, take a look at the “LV” in the adult products industry in Europe and America!

1.Nordic-LELO, Fun Factory

LELO, Sweden: Established in 2003, it is the world’s top private lifestyle product design brand, raising sex toys to the height of a luxury product.

Representative product: Luna beads (Luna balls), with a smooth and delicate appearance and sexy and attractive body, diameter 29mm, can perfectly respond to the body’s movements with subtle vibrations, making people indulge in unprecedented backyard joy. At the same time, the Luna ball can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the vestibular muscles, and exercise the core muscles, making it easier to get more and more intense orgasmic experience.

Fun Factory in Germany: Founded in 1995, it uses the most advanced medical-grade silicone materials to create products that attract worldwide attention and are stunning. Fun Factory’s products have a cute appearance and elegant design, which makes love toys break through the stereotype of sex products. People of any age and gender will unconsciously love them, and will love and get close to them wholeheartedly.

Representative product: Delight (Qila goddess), so far has three generations, the first generation is the most classic, with art-like S-type ergonomic design, that year, it swept the sex columns of major European and American magazines, and won the German reddot red dot Awards and IF awards.
2.North American Pie-SWAN, We-vibe

SWAN Canada: Created by the creative design team, following the high-end analog nature route, with advanced manufacturing processes, it has won the 2011 EAN Best Product Line Award, the 2012 XBIZ Luxury Product Line Award, and the 2012 Best Adult Product Company Award. At present, Swan, as the industry’s most popular brand, is rapidly rising.

Representative products: Life by Leaf, 11cm in length, 3.81cm in thickness, pure external-use negative-core vibrator, one of the most popular on the European and American high-end routes, medical silicone, completely waterproof, strong vibration, large battery capacity, long standby time, Comfortable to the touch, curve fit and can be used underwater.
We-Vibe, Canada: A well-known sex toy brand. From the first product launch, it has created monthly sales, quarterly sales, and annual sales champions for adult products in the North American market, and then spread to Europe and Asia. We-Vibe subverts the entire concept of sex toys and is the pioneer of the world ’s first unisex vibrator design.

Representative products: We-Vibe series, 7.47cm in length, 3.14cm in width, soft and adjustable arc. One motor at each end, one end stimulates the vaginal nucleus and one end stimulates the G spot. It can be wirelessly controlled remotely. It is made of medical silicone and is 100% waterproof.

  1. British representative——Je Joue

United Kingdom Je Joue: Founded in 2008, the British representative of high-end sex toys. Has won many awards for luxury toy brands.

Representative product: FIFI (Bunny Massage Stick), with a total length of 20.3cm, is a very innovative three-point message stick. It adopts a magnetic pole contact charging design, the surface is 100% seamless, completely waterproof, and can be used in a bathtub. Comfortable, two rabbit ears are softer.