sex tips

How many interesting things do you know about sex?let me intruduce it to you today.

1、Orgasm temporarily relieves sinusitis.

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2、Men are said to have had spines on their penises,chimps、macaques、mice and so on still have soines on their genitals.Fortunately,evolution has eliminated spins from men’s DNA.

3、sex will temporarily erase your memory,there was a time when a woman had an orgasm and she couldn’t recall anything taht had happened in the past 24 hours,and she had trouble remembering anything new.

4、it’s possible to get stuck during sex,it’s all over the news.

5、The average clitoris is about the size of a medium courgette,and what we’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

6、Penis size has nothing to do with shoe size,it’s really just a rumor,you can’t tell the size of your penis from the size of your feet.

7、Wearing condoms has nothing to do with how long you last,can maintain the time in about 30s~44minutes,but with you wear not to wear the safety cover has nothing to do.

8、warm you feet and you’ll be more likely to reach orgasm,A Dutch study found that couples who flirted with their partner during an mri scan had 80 percent orgasms when the lights were good and the atmosphere was good,compared with 50 percent for those who didn’t wear socks.

9、women also have spring dreams.37 percents of women have orgasms in their sleep,so the next time you dream about a handsome guy like takeshi kaneshiro or daniel wu,don’t mention it.

10、Statue worship is the belief that statues or mannequins are sexually attrative.

11、By the time teenagers reach adulthood,three-quarters have had sexual experience,i’ve been holding it for so long that i couldn’t hold it out when i was almost an adult…..

12、The average American between the ages of 18 and 29 has sex more than 100 times a year,once every three days on average,it’s good to be young.

13、Men who have affairs are more likely to die of cardiac arrest while having sex,usually due to an unfamiliar environment or a younger partner,the thrill of being caught may also play a part.