Dolls are looking for love to remember today: Infatuated ghosts with inflatable dolls

Produced by Bayin Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Dianxiang Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Zhongguang Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fengyun Tianxia Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd., Yingmei Media, Shenzhen Good Play Liantou Financial Services Co., Ltd. Co-produced, Wuxi Star Mystery Culture Media Co., Ltd. exclusively announced the horror love network movie “Puppet Love Search” on December 12, the entire online line, has already released the final poster and the pilot trailer.

This film can be said to be the Chinese version of the “Sex Doll’s Love“, telling the hard-working single home designer Yang Mo, the fun of going home every day is to be obsessed with the big breasts next door. After returning home from work, Yang Mo received a call from a rich second-generation Sichong bureau and then went to the appointment with great interest. When he followed the mobile phone to go to the destination, he did not see the big bang but saw a wild shop in the wild. Yang Mo walked into the weird sex shop and took away the dolls that had been prepared for him. Who knows that there has been an anecdote since then. He called Sichong but was told that he had never sent a sex doll, so the two went together to find the master aunt. The aunt saw that the inflatable doll was a ghost doll possessed by a lover, and the two sides struggled all the way, but in the process, Zhong Yang Mo gradually discovered the cuteness of the ghost doll…

Different from the horrible depression of the general horror posters, the poster of “Puppet Love Search” gives a bright and warm feeling at first glance. The main body of the picture is a girl with long skin and snow like a waterfall. The look of thinking adds a little more serious and cute, and the cherry blossoms on the back are beautiful. However, in a closer look, the black robe, the redlining, the girl with a look of dull expression, will find that this is not a real person, but a sexual doll with a baby doll in front of the blood-red name “People Even looking for the love of the book, but also makes the picture a little more strange atmosphere. And on the 12th of the poster at the top right of the poster waiting for you to come to love, you should and the title, as if the sex doll thinks about where the love is, the call to the lover, the strangeness reveals a little porn.

Contrary to the subtle and meaningful meaning of the fixed-post poster, the pilot trailer is bold and straightforward, showing the human lust, whether it is the exposed chest-legged long-legged girl wearing exposed, the lens of the dagger, or the undressing of the inflatable doll. The pictures are all naked and direct to human desires.

However, under the horror of pornography, it can be seen that this is a warm love story. “Peony Pavilion” has a cloud: “I don’t know what to do, but the person can die, the death can be born”, and the infatuated ghost Can the inflatable doll with the body find the love in the heart?