Which is more attractive to men, beauty or body?

Men have a certain complex about women’s bodies. Walking on the street, you will find many beautiful women wearing fashionable and sexy clothes

Legs and full hips and breasts. This makes countless people salivate. In fact, it is a kind of male sexual psychological expression. Everyone has this psychological phenomenon. We don’t express it directly, but we yearn for it in our hearts.

47% of men can notice women’s breasts at a glance when they communicate with heterosexuals face to face; next, nearly one third of men notice women’s waist and buttocks first; only less than 20% of men can see women’s faces at a glance.

It is understood that the study was carried out by the University of Wellington, New Zealand. The researchers modified the full body image of an average woman to either enlarge her breasts or blur the shape of her breasts. The researchers recorded a series of performances, such as where they first looked, how many times they looked back and forth, and how long they watched each time.

Any slight eye movement can be photographed. The results showed that most men were able to locate their breasts accurately at a glance; if not, they were able to move to that area within 0.2 seconds. In addition, no matter where it is, it will be around the chest during the conversation.

This study demonstrates that breasts not only “collect” men’s vision for the first time, but also allow them to focus for a long time. On the one hand, the study shows human and animal nature, “the researchers said Fullness of breasts and slim waistlines may mean increased estrogen levels and fertility in women. Women’s breasts, no matter how big or small, can give men a good and pleasant impulse. Therefore, men must have a vision for this part out of their love for women.

Men’s sexual psychology is complex and simple. They have only one sexual mentality towards women. The easiest way to satisfy their desires is to have a physical reaction when they see beautiful women.