Curious answer: What kind of experience is selling sex toys?

I believe that in the eyes of many people, people who sell sex toys are probably like this:

Yes, debauchery! Especially open!

Or something like this:

The male boss who runs the sex toy store should focus on the theme of washing and cutting for 20 years, and always have a kind of ignorant temperament that cannot be hidden.

Or it is like this:

Yes, the female boss must be such a brightly colored killer, in order to meet the “industry nature.”

Even in the minds of many people, the people who run the sex toy store are filthy. They always feel that these operators are filled with a lot of yellow storms, so they will run such an industry. So many people should be mentally minded when they see adult stores on the street or online:

However, in fact, among the eighty-nine of these people, they have studied the products in the store. In order to conceal the inner sense of guilt, they immediately placed themselves in the role of “criminating evil”. In fact, why bother? Sex toys are not a savage beast. Buying sex toys is not a bad thing, and running sex toys is not a shameful thing.

Although the society is still not tolerant of the adult products industry, with the rise of the new generation of power, this situation will improve sooner or later. Because there are related statistics show that the consumption of sex toys has been routinely after 90, just as normal as buying toothpaste, then we believe that after the 00, which is becoming the main consumer, there will only be an increase in the consumption of sex toys. No reduction, after all, their “knowledge” is more than ten times richer than the 90s.

In the past, operating adult products was really not an easy task, because the operators first faced not the social doubts, but the parents and family members did not understand, and in the absence of support, they resolutely decided to operate the industry. The bitterness of it can be imagined.

However, in recent years, there have been more and more international adult exhibitions, and the content and form of exhibitions have become more and more abundant. This allows more people to correctly understand the interesting industry and understand the positive meaning behind it. Therefore, we firmly believe that all the wind and rain are temporary, and the fun industry will rise!

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