Why sex robots are so popular?

In recent years, with the government’s strong support for artificial intelligence companies, the value of China’s artificial intelligence companies will reach hundreds of billions of pounds in the next few years.

The movements of surrealism and artificial intelligence robots are currently the most popular technologies. They have speech recognition, eye and neck movements, mouths that speak with speech, built-in sensors that react to touch, internal heating, and fully articulated bones that can stand. They can also have a basic conversation with you and are equipped with AI learning techniques to improve and remember the conversation.

Both solid sex dolls and sex robots are pursuing simulations, matching the dolls with unique sounds, because the uniform voice system produced by the factory reminds them that this is just a machine without feelings. This is a crucial feature in a society where we cannot give everyone the attention they deserve.

People’s love for real dolls is not limited to sex, just like a great work of art, more and more obsessed with art and design, just like obsessed with another species. This is an artistic creation about human aesthetics and imagination. Nowadays, they have become a hobby of people. Just like Barbie dolls, we talk about the design, assembly methods, individual specifications of these real dolls and the unique characteristics and personality of each customized sex doll.