Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Sex Dolls

  • Don’t choose a doll that is too heavy for you

Think about your strength and weight, because full-size sex dolls have metal skeletons, so they are very heavy. When you find it difficult to move, you will want a light and movable doll.

  • Do you want her to stand

Although a sex doll cannot balance itself like a human, but if you want it to maintain a standing position, it is necessary to buy a standing sex doll with a through-skeleton skeleton. However, the disadvantage of this doll is also because of this The exposed metal support on the soles of the feet will rust if you bring it into a bathtub or hot tub. And please remember that you cannot take a sex doll with a heating system into the bathtub and take a bath together.

  • How to tell if the doll is the same as the picture

Usually dolls sold on the website, they wear professional makeup, beautiful clothes, photos are taken by professional photographers, photos may be taken before they are provided to suppliers for promotional materials. Your dolls will be similar but not identical.

  • How to choose a reliable baby buying website

Search for a well-designed website

If the owner pays to hire a web designer, that’s at least a good sign.

  • Don’t buy cheap dolls

Buy dolls from companies that can deliver them immediately.This shows that the company is more serious, they bought the dolls and stored them in the warehouse, and they checked the dolls before shipping them to you. Of course, this does not include some customized sex dolls. In comparison, custom dolls will take almost a week to receive.

When sex dolls are equipped with close man-machine relationships

Whether sex dolls can alleviate social isolation?

Many experts say that this is not helpful for social isolation, and may even make them more socially isolated.

Have sex robots really get love from them to find satisfaction?

The usual propaganda copy of a sex robot would be like this: Our sex robots provide what every adult sex dolls‘ needs – unconditional love and support. Provided to every customer who needs to feel love, because each of us has the ability to feel love and embrace the rights of lovers, we can help adults to meet their social and sexual needs. Although experts say that this does nothing to social isolation, it may even make them more socially isolated. Although in society, sexual robots can alleviate social isolation is a common theme.

It is widely believed that sexual robots should be modeled on women. Although scientists have conducted clinical trials on sex robots, it is also risky to invest research funds in sexual relations with sex robots. When the prototype of a sexual robot is designed to meet the needs of both male and heterosexual customers, this may hinder their subsequent development. Rather than assuming that robots will be a substitute, people will be attracted to sex robots, thanks to their different characteristics. There are many important things in the intimacy of human beings, the most difficult of which is conversation. You definitely want to have a partner that fits your interests perfectly, which is impossible in the real world, but you can imagine customizing a fully fit dream love doll after 50 years.

British women are willing to spend huge sums of money to customize female sex dolls

Sexual robots and sex dolls are no longer just the choice of lonely old men and single men. Now more than a quarter of the buyers are women. They are mostly in the 50s and 20s. They like it. Taking pictures of the sex dolls you bought, other men or women like to use them for the dressing of large dolls. Although the products are expensive, the customization of sex robots are exactly what they need.

This expensive silicone sex robot can be customized to custom head, genitals, feet and other organs for an additional £5,000. Of course, just the function of customizing ordinary realistic sex dolls. No one wants to spend so much money for it. The most important thing is that it is a customizable sex robot that can talk, smile, sing and even reach orgasm. The functionality of the general doll increases the interactivity and personality of the object. This is what people are willing to do for it.

Another interesting thing is that many customers often combine the male body with the female head to create their ideal partner. There are even some custom-made transsexual dolls. And this featured sex doll has gradually become a fashion.

Whether sex robots will be prescribed by doctors?

Imagine this: a fully realistic robot of your own customized sex doll, capable of fully performing any sexual act you can dream of. It looks, smells and sounds very real. Your state-sponsored insurance covers her expenses in full. In fact, she is free – prescribed by your physician to help you officially become a “sexual dysfunction” patient. Recent federal legislation with overwhelming majorities in the house and senate makes this medical prescription fully legal.

We are hiding behind computer screens and smartphones, which keeps us away from others. Now suppose that we suddenly meet the most basic satisfaction of the robot, even “love.” Just as the late comedian George Carlin shouted in another case: “I will never leave home!” This is the problem: we need to leave home. We need to interact. We need to be with others. But sex robots can make all these things redundant.

Experts say the health benefits claimed by robotic sex doll marketers – safer sex life, treatment possibilities and the potential to treat pedophiles and sex offenders – have not been proven or even adequately studied.

Sex psychotherapists should study the therapeutic value of sexual robots. Robots can help patients engage in sexual activity without stress, but how will they affect empathy, intimacy and interpersonal relationships? No studies have shown that they meet intimate relationships or companion needs, or exacerbate these needs.

Why sex robots are so popular?

In recent years, with the government’s strong support for artificial intelligence companies, the value of China’s artificial intelligence companies will reach hundreds of billions of pounds in the next few years.

The movements of surrealism and artificial intelligence robots are currently the most popular technologies. They have speech recognition, eye and neck movements, mouths that speak with speech, built-in sensors that react to touch, internal heating, and fully articulated bones that can stand. They can also have a basic conversation with you and are equipped with AI learning techniques to improve and remember the conversation.

Both solid sex dolls and sex robots are pursuing simulations, matching the dolls with unique sounds, because the uniform voice system produced by the factory reminds them that this is just a machine without feelings. This is a crucial feature in a society where we cannot give everyone the attention they deserve.

People’s love for real dolls is not limited to sex, just like a great work of art, more and more obsessed with art and design, just like obsessed with another species. This is an artistic creation about human aesthetics and imagination. Nowadays, they have become a hobby of people. Just like Barbie dolls, we talk about the design, assembly methods, individual specifications of these real dolls and the unique characteristics and personality of each customized sex doll.

High-profile porn star sex doll

A British manufacturer of sex dolls in China said that sex dolls with porn stars as templates will be released this month.They are Tasha Reign and Emma Hicks. Among them, Emma is made using 3D scanning.

Sex can be a deal.The customized sex doll model based on famous porn star can be a mass of deal, that is a new business in realistic sex doll. If this doll is half cheaper than the ordinary real doll, will you have a try?

Recently, a porn star sex doll has been published in Melbourne,even adult film stars? What’s more, it is much chaper than an ordinary sex doll.

In the global financial crisis, the adult industry brought happiness to many people. Many entities in the adult industry went bankrupt, and online adult entertainment developed rapidly. No one bought a DVD, so they could not pay the same price to the actors. This has not only changed the work of adult film actors, but also changed the way consumers consume. Look at the statistics on where to send the dolls, usually they are sent to remote locations.

Of course, it is easier said than to send a rubber man or woman of the same size and size, fully articulated and anatomically correct through the post office, especially since many people have high-profile prosecutions for men to buy mini sex dolls on the street.

Sex doll as companion?

It is not surprising that Japanese like sex dolls. But they do not have such a widely distributed doll brothel in Europe. The meaning of physical dolls for them is far more than sex toys. From custom-made dolls to AI artificial intelligence dolls, they all have a desire to give life and personality to sex dolls.

Some of the most realistic sex dolls may cost tens of thousands of dollars to complete customization. Because advanced technology makes them come to life. But not everyone likes sex dolls that are too artificially artificial. There is a huge community of men, who get more sex life than dolls. These guys form a real emotional attachment on the doll and share life with them.

In the UK, a married couple has hundreds of realistic doll that are treat as normal family members to watch TV, take photos, and dinner together, but have never had sex with a doll. These dolls are not limited to men. At present, many brands are beginning to mass-produce sex dolls for women. At the same time, we also have smart sex dolls , because in the end we are pursuing conversation and interaction with them.

Realistic sex doll can satisfy your physical needs, the need for security, and also desire for love. These are what we all need, but the way each person chooses is different.

Handmade Silicone Sex Doll Head Tutorial

There are many silicone adult toys, wether they are follow standarize we don’t know. For a safe silicone sex doll, in fact, we can design a sex doll buy ourselves. Cheap and safe.

Here are what you need to prepare: Head model, sludge, mold silicone, platinum silica gel, resin, curing agent and accessories. Besides, some universal handmade tools is needed such as: utility knife, dye pen, needle thread, electric wind blowing, gauze, vaseline for agent release, silicone glue, some cosmetics.

How to make a realistic sex doll head?
No matter head or body you need the modules of these two parts.Normally, it comes from real people or engraver’s work.Is you don’t know how to get a module and not good at art works, here racyme customized sex doll may help you.Just send a photo and get all what you want.

  • Step 1: Mix the ingredients in proportion and stir.
  • Step 2: Apply a layer of Vaseline to the upper half of the face and apply a layer of mixed silica gel.
  • Step 3: After the platinum silica gel is solidified, make a layer of gypsum or resin outer mold. (If you need to wear gloves, resin hurts your hand)
  • Step 4: After doing the upper half of the mat face mold. The same method should be done again in the lower part of the head, and the two sides of the mold are combined to form a whole head mold.
  • Step 5: Place 24h, evenly coat Vaseline on the inside of the mold, fix all the modules tightly, and mix the silica material into the mold of the head in proportion. Heating can make the solidification process faster.
  • Step 6: Coloring, the excess is repaired with a utility knife. The eye is first dug with a utility knife, and the mouth can be opened as you like.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅱ-Replicas of dead lovers

We know that sex dolls can treat people’s loneliness, but sex dolls that make a real face need permission. Some customers who feel lonely because they are lost want to be offered a special service to create a replica of silica gel for the dead partner.

This is a design work centered on a customized service. It is possible to create a realistic reality simulation model that is almost identical to the real person. Such companies say that loneliness is a big problem in the UK, which is why we are surprised by such industries and there are still so many needs to be met.

Although we mentioned that silicone sex dolls first thought of “sex” function, in fact people often associate sex dolls with dirty and sexual. Every incoming customer can fully experience the fact that this is not the case. Despite the many different views, they finally lost their loneliness and went to find a custom-made, long-awaited realistic sex doll.

Many of us may not even understand the idea of ​​finding comfort in a replica of a dead lover, but such an approach needs to be understood and gradually accepted by society as a source of comfort.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners-Take you to know real dolls

Sex doll customized as original services of sex doll producers, they were made to provide convenient services to customers worldwide.

Usually defined as sexual agents, although they are much more than that. If a partner can’t play sexual function, so can’t enjoy sex life, but don’t want a lover outside, sex dolls seem to be their partner for the substitute, they can share the close relationship, so usually also solve the couple problem as the toy was purchased.

Instead of spending money and unsafe sex in brothels, erotic massage shops, and strip clubs, invest in a TPE sex doll. There is no need to spend a lot of money to maintain a relationship, and dolls who don’t want to buy food and movies will satisfy all your physical and emotional needs.

You can customize them just as you want them to have tan body lines, tattoos, real hair, manicure, perforations and other details. You can illuminate their mouths with a little light, as if they are smiling, you can make their eyes have a soul. Realistic sex dolls‘ appearance and character background settings will not make you feel that they have no life. In fact, you can find each of their different personality settings on the official website and decide which one to buy. There is always one of many dolls that is right for you. The users who own them can be roughly divided into the following categories, and you can find the answers in the next blog post.

  1. Companionship
  2. Replicas of dead lovers
  3. Spice up your sex life
  4. Enthusiastic at dressing
  5. Medical and model
  6. Consignment of feelings, love is irrelevant