Adult entertainment is rapidly turning into sex robots

The rise in the use of sex robots suggests that the future of sexual intercourse with machines may be commonplace. With the involvement of virtual reality and smart sex doll, […]

China silicone doll factory, a place to heal loneliness.

In the silicone sex doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin tone, chest size, eye color, and hair color of each doll. The most popular dolls have white skin […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Sex Dolls

Don’t choose a doll that is too heavy for you Think about your strength and weight, because full-size sex dolls have metal skeletons, so they are very heavy. When you […]

When sex dolls are equipped with close man-machine relationships

Whether sex dolls can alleviate social isolation´╝č Many experts say that this is not helpful for social isolation, and may even make them more socially isolated. Have sex robots really […]

Whether sex robots will be prescribed by doctors´╝č

Imagine this: a fully realistic robot of your own customized sex doll, capable of fully performing any sexual act you can dream of. It looks, smells and sounds very real. […]

Why sex robots are so popular?

In recent years, with the government’s strong support for artificial intelligence companies, the value of China’s artificial intelligence companies will reach hundreds of billions of pounds in the next few […]

High-profile porn star sex doll

A British manufacturer of sex dolls in China said that sex dolls with porn stars as templates will be released this month.They are Tasha Reign and Emma Hicks. Among them, […]

Sex doll as companion?

It is not surprising that Japanese like sex dolls. But they do not have such a widely distributed doll brothel in Europe. The meaning of physical dolls for them is […]

Handmade Silicone Sex Doll Head Tutorial

There are many silicone adult toys, wether they are follow standarize we don’t know. For a safe silicone sex doll, in fact, we can design a sex doll buy ourselves. […]