When you unbox your new sex doll

If you buy a full-size sex doll on an e-commerce website, then you may receive a box or case like this. As you can see, usually the doll will arrive in a completely brown box without any markings. The general transportation company will not disclose the contents.

Different manufacturers have different packaging methods. These sex dolls are well packaged. You can see from the picture below that the dolls are packed in a box and there are various different items that arrive with the dolls. They are packed The box is also equipped with a protective cover to prevent any damage to the neck and feet during transportation.

In fact, when the doll arrived, the head was separated from the body and cut off. This is to protect the neck and feet from causing any damage during transportation. The head will reach the protective bag to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating. The doll’s eye area will also have a protective mask to protect delicate eyelashes and makeup.

The sex doll accessories are not easily damaged during transport, so you only need to place them in another compartment inside the box. As you can see below, our dolls include 2 wigs as well as random random wear.

The cleaning kit is very comprehensive and will include a irrigator (cleaner on the doll’s vagina), protective gloves for handing the doll when needed, a hair brush, a USB vaginal heater to help heat the holes in the doll’s body.

Also if you order any other TPE cleaners or glues, they will arrive at different times as they cannot be shipped with the item.

Catch up with sex toys, and live a healthy life

It is not only the so-called “true feelings” that can stimulate the secretion of hormones in humans. If so, how can there be sex workers, sex toys, and TPE Sex Doll? Being is reasonable.

  • Keep in shape

Sex life is a special sport for men. Sex life is equivalent to jogging. If you have sex 3 times a week, it is equivalent to jogging 75 kilometers in one year, and the heat energy burned is 7,500 calories.

  • Protecting eyesight

Studies have found that sex can relax the eye muscles and help prevent myopia. At the same time, after having sex, vision will be better than usual. If there is a situation such as blurred vision, it means that there may be problems with the eyes, it is best to have a check.

  • Help quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you can tell him that smoking will make the sponge tissue lose its “elasticity” and shorten the penis. For those men who are pursuing a large penis, quitting is more motivated.

  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Studies have found that ascetics have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer, while a study from the University of Nottingham found that people who can still enjoy a regular life around the age of 50 will have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Will there really be sex dolls in HBO’s western world?

Numerous sex doll makers want to make sex dolls like HBO’s “Western World”, but technology doesn’t exist yet.

The “Western World” story is set in the future world. In a huge high-tech adult theme park, there is a humanoid machine “receptionist” that allows tourists to enjoy the indulgence of desire, violence and other desires. Western World “future theme park. It provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire.

We created robots according to our own appearance, hoping that they can do things we can’t do, but not beyond our understanding. Once our creative behavior is beyond our understanding, we will have doubts. Will humans still exist after the machine really has autonomous consciousness? Or does it make sense to exist?

If the robot we created evolves into the perfect look of the god we want one day, then the human existence becomes an unnecessary inferiority, then will humans become an existence that must be eliminated? Research and development of second-generation sex robots is currently underway. The robotic head will be able to talk through Siri-style interactions and answer questions through a database programmed on the Internet. This realistic love doll can move the neck and follow the sound and automatically complete a series of actions, including blinking or nodding-even controlling devices such as the air conditioner or lights in the home. “Whether or not they will become individuals controlling humans, they will emerge as a necessity of our lives.

The close relationship between humans and sex robots

Sex robots have already been circulating in the market, and even if the price is high, there are still people who are obsessed with them. Although their functions are far less than those advertised in the movie, the exquisite appearance and vivid experience are enough impressive.

Not only that, their greater role is being used in the treatment of the heart. For people without a partner, sex robots and sex dolls may be the only way out. Whether positive or negative. The first is the desire to try new sensations, play sex games and have fun. In contrast, negative people may be bored, lonely, interpersonal, and psychologically difficult. In the robot world, patients are more likely to have sexual satisfaction.

Can you really fall in love with sex robots or realistic sex doll in the future? So far, the most advanced robots in the world cannot reproduce true emotions. What we can experience is only weak artificial intelligence. The function of solid sex dolls cannot be called sex robot If we can’t establish an emotional connection with them, can these robots that claim to be partners in life in the future still continue to cater to the development of artificial intelligence in the future.

Sexual life makes us grow, even though they are not yet capable of realizing human behavior and actions. The day will not be too far away.

Sex doll will make you feel like have a perfect companion

Sex dolls are playful and can help you to engage in your fantasies, whether it’s the fantasy of fucking your teacher, a nurse, a flight attendant, or even playing with an anime character. One of the common ways people enjoy sex with their dolls is through vaginal sex. Most attention is directed to the vagina of a realistic sex doll. A female sex doll can moan or scream when you touch and get inside her, and you can also feel her warmth.

The sex with a doll is the same as expected. You place the sex doll how you want, and then insert your penis the way you usually do. The friction and pressure will give you a fantastic experience during sex. When blindfolded, you may not be able to tell the difference between the vagina of a sex doll and a woman. Sex dolls can be used for more than just sex. They can accompany you around like a real friend, you can tell them your happiness or complaints, and they will completely understand you.

They will make you feel like have a perfect companion and don’t be alone anymore. Sex dolls can even be used as a teaching means, they can help you to get some practice and you will not worry about hurting your future partner. People usually ask if it’s okay for men to ejaculate in their dolls. Absolutely, you can. This practice is very common, and sex dolls were built for it.

life size sex doll

Having anal sex for most people, it is normal, pleasurable and healthy. But the sad truth about anal sex is finding a partner who is willing or even finding someone who enjoys being the receiver. You have nothing to worry if you desire an anal experience, both our female and male dolls are designed to serve this purpose. The anus is just like the vaginal, the anus it anatomically accurate and stimulates the real feeling one may experience during anal sex. It is much tighter, and the sensation is entirely different from the front.

Yu Aoi &Takahashi Issei Secret “love doll” has been revealed in a poster

romance doll

Romance doll” tells the love story of tetsuo, a man who makes realistic sex dolls, and his wife yuan.Tetsuo fell in love at first sight and got married, he concealed his real work ordinary life, but because of excessive enthusiasm for the production of real dolls and make the relationship between husband and wife crisis.

romance doll
romance doll

In this case, his wife to tetsuo confessed to the heart of the secret. Takahashi life as a graduate from the university of fine arts keen to make sex doll, in order to play a good role also specially to the real doll factory to learn.See professionals treat each piece as a craft.Love at first sight and get married.

romance doll

His wife also told him her secret.He loves his job, but slowly loses his sex life with his wife, he marries for love.”Husband and wife crisis” be triggered when the secret of her heart also is revealed.The film details the two’s exciting, somewhat dangerous adult love story.

romance doll
romance doll

Obviously because of love, love and marriage, only to find what has changed…In the stable daily life, changing love, work and family, romantic love doll takes the eternal problem between “love and marriage” as the theme, describes the status quo of modern couples with overwhelming empathy, truly reflects the changing feelings between men and women, beautiful and unreal, this is the love story of adults. Husband’s lie and wife’s secret, holding their own ideas, two people will find what kind of answer?

Will sex robots end human civilization?

Extraordinary stimuli can be deceptive. In the modern world of mankind, the extraordinary stimulus is essentially a hijacker. They are technological products created by humans that hijack our evolved psychology in a way that leads to short-term emotional and or physiological benefits. However, because these products are evolutionarily unnatural at the end of the day, they often do not bring long-term evolutionary benefits, and these stimuli are above all what humans expect. Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Robotic sex dolls are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

What Hawking refers to that can threaten human survival is the artificial intelligence we are now vigorously developing. In the next 300 years, artificial intelligence will develop rapidly. Computers may even disguise themselves as humans. This will make it impossible for normal people to distinguish between a machine and a real person. He believes that if the relationship between humans and robots is not handled well in the future, robots are likely to replace human social status and become the rulers of the earth. Although advances in artificial intelligence will bring great convenience to humans, dangers will accompany them.

Will AI real dolls destroy human beings? Once artificial intelligence gets rid of its restraint, it will redesign itself in a state of constant acceleration. Due to the limitation of long biological evolution, human beings cannot compete with them and will be replaced. This will cause great damage to our economy. In the future, artificial intelligence can develop self-will, a will that conflicts with us. We should be optimistic about this.

Why sex robots should be legally bound?

As AI and robotics advance, more realistic sex doll robots are produced, and gender-based violence is likely to increase.Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Sex robots are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

Studies have shown that men who suffer from violent pornography are more likely to commit violence against women in their lives. Actual sexual relationships are more enjoyable than pornographic content, and offensive behaviors can endanger society.

There are also problems with the way sex doll robots are programmed. They encourage women to have a pornographic culture without punishing violence and aggression. Intelligent robots have many functions and permissions, but in order to protect them from damage, laws must be in place to protect the robots. At the same time, such protection measures are also to avoid actions that harm humans.

We want robots to have practical moral value. On the one hand, we will not be treated differently because robots and solid sex dolls are fair. On the other hand, this is also a very good moral code. Morality is not just for practical purposes. Robots are created by humans, and they should be given the right to survive.Why should sex machines also have rights? In these rules we can understand the responsibilities and obligations of robots. For social harmony.

Let the sex doll arouse your sex life

Sex life as a vital pill for every human body, man or woman. And it can not be denied that sex becomes an important activity that strengthens the relationship between the couple and keeps them going for a long time. Lots of people are possibly to capitalize in sex doll to fulfill their sexual needs. Sex dolls are a fusion of advanced art and technology. They are not only genuine viewing soft body dolls designed of the top grade material, but they also comprise other innovative features like suppleness, body temperature and other same qualities which make them highly demanded for all times.

Silicone sex dolls consider as a usual woman so they will provide the feeling of great desire, just as how it makes you feel though involved in any sexual action with a genuine woman. Its flexible appeal makes the love doll supple at diverse positions. These are adult dolls that can give your sex life a new spark. For a happy married life, the arousal of their sexual life plays an important role in maintaining romance and affection for one another.

With comprehensive balanced body, good-looking possessions, soft skin makes them the unique performance with partner in bed. Gorgeous boobs, tight asses and vaginal abilities will make every time exciting. Undoubtedly these sex dolls change your sex life and make sure that you are completely satisfied! They are so passionate in bed and can give so much pleasure that no one can handle it! Your sexual competence is so incredible that you will want more every day.

realistic sex doll

The appealing features of the real sex doll will once again annoy your sexual senses and make your mating rock. You can definitely use sex dolls between your love making moments and make them steaming. You need to ask always you silicone love dolls provider to instruct you in selecting the best doll for you. Of course, there are numbers of changing aspects that just enter into play. You can although ask for a personalized sex doll.

Why sex doll brothels have more and more sex robots?

Since the advent of special adult products, the demand for their robots has been increasing.For the needs of customers with cash shortages, Swiss brothels have decided to replace female employees with sex robots, so that customers with cash shortages can also seek cheap incentives.

But many customers have different opinions on this: sex dolls can never replace human contacts.

This is just the worship of some men. Not all men can accept plastic lovers. Smart sex dolls are more popular with consumers than sex dolls.

The price of a sex doll service in a brothel is only £ 70, while the price of a real prostitute service is more than double.

The need for sex robots has been around for some time. The realistic sex doll industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, with an estimated net worth of $ 30 billion. More than 40% of men who participated in the online survey said they could imagine buying a sex robot in the next five years.

The future of human-robot relationships lacking basic human values ​​such as respect and consent is worrying. Perhaps granting human considerations to robots might alleviate this challenge. In 2017, Saudi Arabia became the first headline granted to robotic citizens in human history.