The close relationship between humans and sex robots

Sex robots have already been circulating in the market, and even if the price is high, there are still people who are obsessed with them. Although their functions are far less than those advertised in the movie, the exquisite appearance and vivid experience are enough impressive.

Not only that, their greater role is being used in the treatment of the heart. For people without a partner, sex robots and sex dolls may be the only way out. Whether positive or negative. The first is the desire to try new sensations, play sex games and have fun. In contrast, negative people may be bored, lonely, interpersonal, and psychologically difficult. In the robot world, patients are more likely to have sexual satisfaction.

Can you really fall in love with sex robots or realistic sex doll in the future? So far, the most advanced robots in the world cannot reproduce true emotions. What we can experience is only weak artificial intelligence. The function of solid sex dolls cannot be called sex robot If we can’t establish an emotional connection with them, can these robots that claim to be partners in life in the future still continue to cater to the development of artificial intelligence in the future.

Sexual life makes us grow, even though they are not yet capable of realizing human behavior and actions. The day will not be too far away.

Why sex robots should be legally bound?

As AI and robotics advance, more realistic sex doll robots are produced, and gender-based violence is likely to increase.Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Sex robots are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

Studies have shown that men who suffer from violent pornography are more likely to commit violence against women in their lives. Actual sexual relationships are more enjoyable than pornographic content, and offensive behaviors can endanger society.

There are also problems with the way sex doll robots are programmed. They encourage women to have a pornographic culture without punishing violence and aggression. Intelligent robots have many functions and permissions, but in order to protect them from damage, laws must be in place to protect the robots. At the same time, such protection measures are also to avoid actions that harm humans.

We want robots to have practical moral value. On the one hand, we will not be treated differently because robots and solid sex dolls are fair. On the other hand, this is also a very good moral code. Morality is not just for practical purposes. Robots are created by humans, and they should be given the right to survive.Why should sex machines also have rights? In these rules we can understand the responsibilities and obligations of robots. For social harmony.

Why sex robots are so popular?

In recent years, with the government’s strong support for artificial intelligence companies, the value of China’s artificial intelligence companies will reach hundreds of billions of pounds in the next few years.

The movements of surrealism and artificial intelligence robots are currently the most popular technologies. They have speech recognition, eye and neck movements, mouths that speak with speech, built-in sensors that react to touch, internal heating, and fully articulated bones that can stand. They can also have a basic conversation with you and are equipped with AI learning techniques to improve and remember the conversation.

Both solid sex dolls and sex robots are pursuing simulations, matching the dolls with unique sounds, because the uniform voice system produced by the factory reminds them that this is just a machine without feelings. This is a crucial feature in a society where we cannot give everyone the attention they deserve.

People’s love for real dolls is not limited to sex, just like a great work of art, more and more obsessed with art and design, just like obsessed with another species. This is an artistic creation about human aesthetics and imagination. Nowadays, they have become a hobby of people. Just like Barbie dolls, we talk about the design, assembly methods, individual specifications of these real dolls and the unique characteristics and personality of each customized sex doll.

Will sex dolls and sex robots cause serious social problems?

The anthropomorphic dolls for women and girls have become more and more commercial.Since women and girls suffer from severe sexual violence, the addition of dolls normalizes a culture in which the female body is considered a male property.

Because sex dolls are made of silicone, they are not real, they will not be harmed, neither psychologically nor physically. Although we are talking about dolls, the male isolation we know is sure to coincide with the prosperous commercial prostitution, pornography and child sexual exploitation culture. It is such a simulated solid sex doll that does not reduce this world problem. Instead, it blocks the communication between humans.

Especially the emergence of sex doll brothels, society allows pornography and prostitution to happen, we need more norms. The objectification and commercialization of women’s images is undoubtedly the consumption of women’s bodies. All child sex dolls reinforce the lack of empathy for pedophiles because he is doing what he wants to do with the doll. The real problem is that he has no empathy. If this desire is rape, then yes, it is important to have no such desire. So the use of life-size sex dolls / robot masturbation will strengthen the culture of rape.

Sex Doll’s Future is Not Just Adult Products

When we talk about realistic sex dolls, we first think of sex toys. For a long time, it can even be said that at the beginning of the birth of the silicone doll, it only relied on the sexual function to attract the eye. As a selling point of the product, the long-term positioning direction of the factory manufacturers is only a sex toy. In fact, these simulated silicone sex dolls are very close to the real feeling of real human in terms of appearance and craftsmanship. Especially after completing the doll’s makeup, they can become any characters you want.

For many anime lovers, it can even be called a work of art. Even professional makeup artists to complete the simulation details of their skin, from skin texture to blood vessel lines, have become an indispensable step in the doll simulation process.

But the shortcomings of the life size sex doll are also very obvious. To achieve the same simulation effect as a real person, you need to buy a life-size doll. But dolls of this size are unbearable for the average person. Therefore, do not choose tall love dolls when purchasing.

Due to the difference in customer demand, solid love dolls currently have different functional categories. Although most of the industry chains are centered around adult products, there are more and more enthusiasts for other uses and also more products. For example, there are cosplay or imitation of film and television characters, development in the direction of ACG, and so on. Art never ends in the river of life.

The Birth of Japanese Solid Sex Doll

When it comes to the development of solid sex dolls, the Japanese Oriental industry must be mentioned. However, as the leader of today’s industry, it has also undergone many revolutions to have today’s outstanding products. From the original simple inflatable doll, it is now comparable to the skin feel and appearance of real people. After all, it have 40 years of experience in the production of realistic sex dolls. The high quality is also expensive at the same time.

At the time when there were only inflatable sex dolls, the products of Oriental Industries were undoubtedly a revolution. Because it was too realistic, it was once a suspicion of the body. So they also provide users with services to handle recycled dolls. But they still had a shortcoming at the time, too expensive. Therefore, a rental service has also been derived.

In order to present a realistic feeling, they even invited professional stylists and dental experts. This is in line with the Japanese people’s pursuit of the ultimate national spirit.

If you want to buy a cheaper life-size sex doll, you can refer to the customized TPE dolls that are now common. Not only can you customize the body characteristics of the dolls you want, such as face and skin color, but it can also be equipped with a heating device to make the body temperature of the doll closer to the human body and a more realistic experience.

How is the attraction of sex dolls established?

We always focus on the “sex” of life-size sex dolls, but what we are more likely to overlook is the emotional connection it has with these doll lovers.

In order to let customers feel this, many businesses have also launched anthropomorphic propaganda. It’s not just about selling a product as a human toy, but raising the solid sex doll to a height where you can talk to you.

Each realistic sex doll has a separate social account, from birthdays and image settings to conveying different personalities. Each simulated doll has its own unique appeal. Like a real person, it exists in a virtual network world. Not only that, but because of their realistic appearance and beautiful appearance, they are also active in the lens of famous photographers. In addition to the users of physiological needs, there are also many emotional needs of photography enthusiasts and anime lovers.

Because of the young, stylish and personalized user base, the doll has also added many interesting needs. It also provides fresh ideas for the product design update of the featured sex doll. For example, some requirements for making special characters such as stars, elves, monsters, and female corpses , they are the basis of the entire environmental cycle.

Precautions for purchasing used sex dolls

Can used solid sex dolls cause infectious diseases? Which may be the most concerned.

It is impossible to get AIDS. AIDS is mainly infected through sexual life and blood contact.
Moreover, when HIV is left in the living body, it is difficult to survive when exposed to the air for a long time, and it is disinfected before use. Don’t worry.

HIV has extremely poor survival ability in vitro, is not resistant to high temperature, and has low resistance. It is not easy to survive without leaving the human body. At normal temperature, it can only survive for several hours in the blood outside the body, and is sensitive to heat. It is 30 minutes at 56 °C. Loss of activity, and the virus loses its infectivity at the moment of leaving the body, and it will not be infected by daily life.

After you buy it back, it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Even with HIV, after you clean and disinfect, HIV will soon die and lose its activity. Besides, it has been used for 4 days, even if there is HIV. Also death has lost its activity.

For the used items only, the buyer will take pictures of the damaged items or find the damage figure of the same real doll after several days of use (do not exceed the automatic confirmation time of the system), and ask the quality problem. Be sure to say quality problems! Don’t say it’s a matter of appearance, the rules will support refund returns.

On the day of signing, found the same sex doll‘s damage map and sent it to the trading platform on the same day as a time reference. The quality of the day was raised, and don’t mention the damage still don’t need to submit a return on the same day! After a few days of use, a refund of the return is made.

Life-size sex doll gradually becomes a photography model

Speaking of models, we can always think about tall, slim models. But recently, many people have purchased life-size sex dolls to serve as photography models.

This may be because they have a very similar appearance to the real person and a flexible range of physical activity. They are a good solution to this series of problems compared to the unstable working hours of real models.

The replacement of live models with silicone sex dolls is a new trend. Because the appearance of the silicone doll is very close to the real person, the joint can move, can do all kinds of postures, and has no temper, so it can be qualified for static model work, such as clothing shooting models, hand-painted models, auto show models.

It is understood that even the art school buys the doll as a nude model. Compared with the expensive real model, it eliminates the embarrassment of art students, and this ‘model’ can maintain a fixed posture for a long time, making it easier for students to paint.

The solid sex doll is an emerging product in recent years, and it is quietly playing its role in various industries.

Clothing selection guide for different height sex dolls

In general, the purchase of doll clothing in actual size, although buying a small size, will still be large. If you want to buy the right size clothes for your doll, you need to know the size of each part of the doll. Because the solid doll is a life-size doll, but due to customer needs and market demand, many dolls will be a little different. For example, a solid doll will generally be made into a thin, big breasted sex doll.

Use a soft ruler to measure the height and other size data of the upper body, and then purchase by size. 140cm+ sex dolls can buy adult costumes, 90cm-100cm sex dolls can buy children’s wear, and dolls under 90cm are generally not available on the market, and can be purchased on a specific service center or doll manufacturer’s website, but in general, Customized clothing is more expensive than other clothing. Of course, you can also try to design yourself freely.

Another important point is to pay attention to the color fastness of the clothes.