How to pick your doll’s height and styles of head carving?

Choose a height between 120-170cm, 120cm real doll body weight is about 20kg, 148 body weight is about 25kg, 160 body weight is about 30kg, 170 body body is about 35kg (this value is different for each house) Of course it must be The lighter the better, easy to carry, convenient to bathe, easy to dress. Choose body proportions, chest size. Some people like plump mature women, some people like slim girls, some people like big breasts, some people like flat breasts, etc. c. Select split or one, this mainly refers to the use of functions. The split has poor authenticity and is easy to clean; the one is beautiful and real, and difficult to clean. When choosing a skeleton, each sex doll manufacturer designs a different skeleton structure, which results in slightly different activities for each brand of dolls, and some dolls can be placed at 90% The pose is close to the real person, while some can only put 70% of the simple knowledge close to the real person, and some love dolls will regain their knowledge. This is related to his body material. If you are a photo enthusiast, the skeleton design is to Take it into consideration.

There are many styles of head carving, European and American type, Asian type, mature type, girl type, loli type and so on. The choice of looks varies from person to person. In terms of materials, the silicone head makeup is exquisite and not easy to fade. Hair can be planted with eyelashes and tpe head coating. The details are slightly poor and easy to fade. Using a hair cover, the eyelashes stick easily and fall off easily. A silicone head is highly recommended.

The physical doll is exquisite in craftsmanship, both in terms of appearance and figure are close to perfection. You can choose the appearance and figure according to personal preferences to create her (he) who belongs to you alone. It is very suitable for accompanying or taking pictures. In addition to accompany you watching TV, surfing the Internet, eating, you can also dress up for her (he) carefully, take pictures and communicate with her baby friends, and more importantly, she (he) is an excellent listener, he can tolerate everything for you .

Why is the price gap between sex dolls so large?

Silicone sex dolls have always been controversial products. Although they are developing at a high speed, the high price has always been prohibitive for ordinary consumers. Many are still arguing about the potential risks of owning a silicone girlfriend in today’s era, while others are worried about the potential risks this could bring. There seems to be growing concern that even claiming to have a sex doll is a cruel way of objectification that could seriously affect women. But no matter what the blame is, these upgraded love machines seem to be making the Internet move at full speed.

The person who created the world ’s most expensive sex doll, MattMcMullen, is an art person. When McMullen was in college, he worked in sculpture at home (mainly women), except for odd jobs. The body is quite understandable. Then he started his entrepreneurial career in his garage. Originally I just wanted to make some modeling models for people who love sculpture, but why they became sex toys later was because of public demand. Then a silicone doll that fully conforms to the human anatomy and has a hinged bone structure can be shaped.

In 1999, McMullen’s doll appeared on HBO TV, and has since appeared on more than 20 TV shows. In addition, RealDoll has also collaborated with big Hollywood stars on 10 movies, including “Military Future” starring Bruce Willis.

The material used for ordinary silicone dolls is basically thermoplastic. The work is simple and can be processed in batches. The solid sex dolls are all made of medical grade silicone. The material cost is high. Most of the built-in metal skeletons are handmade, carved, complicated, time-consuming, and costly, so the unit price is basically 10,000 yuan.

How to dress up your real doll more attractive?

When you buy sex dolls as your companion or sexual partner, they always look seductive and beautiful. As simulated real dolls, manufacturers have preset the roles and character traits of each doll before producing them. It can be said that each realistic sex doll is a special companion in the eyes of buyers. But after buying it home, you may lose its charm after using it for a long time, but you can still make your doll look more beautiful by dressing up.

Wig- Give your realistic sex doll a wig or two. You can choose from many different styles. Hair color and style can illuminate and accurately represent your ideal partner. You can buy a short wig and a long wig. The wig is long and smooth.

Face-Use makeup to make your face look more attractive. Use some good blush, eye makeup and lipstick. If you want to improve her face permanently, you can use acrylic paint. We can provide you with some makeup tips and guide you through the process; just log in to our website – and we will be happy to assist you.

Clothing: You can choose to buy clothing suits and accessories, and you can make her look like her favorite character in video games, movies or books. Currently the most discussed on the forum is the role-playing of anime and manga genres from Japan. The combination of hair and clothes is enough to make your real doll look more attractive.

TPE sex doll Care-Newlywed Guide

As long as you wash your dark clothes well, they won’t stain as easily as silicone wash. Of course, if it does leave a stain on the silicone, it will come out, which will take some time to come out.

As for skin abrasions, I think this can happen to any solid sex doll … when your doll is wearing heavier clothes (such as denim pants), always put lingerie on pantyhose or thigh high Do … Make clothes easier to wear Secondly, avoid scratching the skin.

As for dents using platinum silicone, these sex dolls are not susceptible to this type of damage and do not need to be stored in any particular way, just because the material is resilient to this type of damage does not mean that it can be stored inside. Allows for indentation.

Perfume does not damage the real dolls you find in baby powder, and we generally do not recommend using baby powder, unless it is made from corn starch, because baby powder is generally known to leave a small amount on your skin Dotted dolls do not fall out, as food products usually dissolve and wash off.

The skin material revolution of realistic sex dolls

At present, the best choice for making realistic sex dolls is platinum silica gel: it is hygienic and safe, non-toxic and odorless, has a long service life, and is not easy to produce oil and deform. The material cannot be recycled, and there is no solid sex doll made from waste materials.

Disadvantages: The texture is slightly harder than tpe, the material cost is high, and the leftovers and waste materials cannot be recycled, resulting in a high cost of making a single doll, and the relatively high retail price of the doll is unacceptable;

Generally speaking, when using silicone on a large area of ​​dolls, the texture is relatively hard. If the texture is not hard, the shape will not work, and it cannot be made at all. Therefore, the silicone is not like real skin, but it looks good. As for the physical doll, it is mainly used for viewing and photographing. Adults generally use medical silicone resin. The soft texture is very close to real human skin. The racyme love doll uses medical silicone resin.

Collectors and consumers of sex dolls have discussed the advantages of these two materials in detail online, and can even make their own dolls by themselves using TPE or silicone patches.

Although no other industry cares as much about the TPE vs. silicone “skin” debate, innovation in other areas may bring sex doll owners into a new realm. For example, hydrogel is a smooth, soft material being developed for condoms, and electronic skins with sensors are becoming increasingly popular in the robotics industry.

What’s the best material for realistic sex doll skin

Despite the increasing popularity of sex dolls and the increasing popularity of sex robots, we still haven’t found a way to fully replicate the texture of human skin while still supporting heat and strength. Most sex dolls today are made of TPE, which is a thermoplastic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon and polyvinyl chloride. Since the invention of sex dolls, TPE sex doll has become the most suitable raw material at present, because it is more real, more affordable, flexible, flexible and recyclable. However, it is not perfect. Compared to silicone, its heat resistance is not good enough. You need to carefully consider whether to let your baby take a hot bath.

Once sex robots are put on the market, can the advantages of tpe be maintained? In order to meet the bionic standards of sexual robots, simulate emotions. Need to consider the movement and position of the eyes, and that skin material can move smoothly with the robot function.

Regarding the new material of the skin, realism is an eternal topic. A material called rubber looks soft and elastic, and it is actually a formula that can be called TPE.

Although the simulation of the skin is an important reference step for making realistic sex dolls, considering that customers usually repair the products themselves, no matter it is the popular silicone or TPE, they can realize the maintenance work at home by users.

Realistic sex dolls- Farewell to a relationship forever

A love relationship requires a lot of effort. It takes money and time to get along with a real woman. You can’t point out the mistakes directly. This also becomes the devil in life, and you need to pay attention to the feelings of others. But if you can be happy by taking care of yourself, the bad experiences in our lives will gradually burden. If you want to get rid of such a relationship, then solid sex dolls will be your best choice.

Sex doll products and products will open a whole new world of joy, passion and happiness that you never knew existed. They are so much better than real humans and beat them every time. In the modern era, real-life relationships become very messy. Human interaction can also cause problems and unpleasant experiences. The truth is that very few people have the opportunity to solve and design the life they truly dream of. As human beings, we must not compromise. Realistic sex dolls have no trouble with it. It all depends on how long or how long they want to use it. When you’re done, you can set it aside without causing confusion.

It’s not surprising to use life-sized sex dolls, it’s just fun. I thought the life-size sex doll was a real person, and it was a bit incredible to take it to dinner and tell people that she was my girlfriend. This is another happy life style.

What can artificial intelligence robots do for intimacy?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing, and intimacy and sex can be one of the important areas. Some new advanced technologies increase the possibility of human and robotic love doll interaction.

The robot includes all virtual, contained and enhanced artificial color agents and the technology that produces them. The definition includes, but is not limited to, prototypes of sex robots, virtual or augmented pornographic characters, applications for artificial partners, and porn chat robots.

Not only applied to solid sex doll, but also to manifest themselves through various interfaces of virtual devices such as mobile phones, computers and game consoles in the future. They will take many forms and formulate unlimited behaviors in the simulated world. The ability to think and learn in fundamentally different ways from humans will be widely used in new types of intimate relationships. Love will be redefined.

There are also service robots that can help find you a partner, or for medical and therapeutic environments. Helps resolve fears and anxieties associated with intimacy.

The harmonious appearance reflects the general stereotypes of female beauty, such as large breasts and small waistline. This stereotype of what a physically attractive woman should look like is dangerous. Studies have shown that media’s excessive gender portrayal of women is linked to sexual harassment and increased violence against women.

How to use a solid sex doll

The method of using the solid sex doll is roughly divided into the following three steps: before use, during use, after use, please see the detailed explanation below.

The solid sex doll is that it is mostly made of full silicone material, which has a more realistic feel than the inflatable doll. The appearance of the physical doll is much better than the appearance of the inflatable doll, and the simulation is much higher, almost the same as a real person. Because there is a mechanical frame inside the solid doll to make the keel, it can change many poses for you to use, which is more real than the ordinary inflatable sex doll. Before using a solid doll, it should be cleaned.

When using a solid real doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the private part of the solid doll, a lubricant must be used. If the lubricant is not used, the interior of the solid doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private part of the solid doll to crack after use. It is also okay if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.

After using the solid doll, you need to wash the inside of the doll’s private part with water and clean the entire body of the solid doll. After disinfecting the solid doll, wash it with warm water, and then dry the inside and surface of the solid doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and then save it for next use.

The close relationship between humans and sex robots

Sex robots have already been circulating in the market, and even if the price is high, there are still people who are obsessed with them. Although their functions are far less than those advertised in the movie, the exquisite appearance and vivid experience are enough impressive.

Not only that, their greater role is being used in the treatment of the heart. For people without a partner, sex robots and sex dolls may be the only way out. Whether positive or negative. The first is the desire to try new sensations, play sex games and have fun. In contrast, negative people may be bored, lonely, interpersonal, and psychologically difficult. In the robot world, patients are more likely to have sexual satisfaction.

Can you really fall in love with sex robots or realistic sex doll in the future? So far, the most advanced robots in the world cannot reproduce true emotions. What we can experience is only weak artificial intelligence. The function of solid sex dolls cannot be called sex robot If we can’t establish an emotional connection with them, can these robots that claim to be partners in life in the future still continue to cater to the development of artificial intelligence in the future.

Sexual life makes us grow, even though they are not yet capable of realizing human behavior and actions. The day will not be too far away.