Why sex doll brothels have more and more sex robots?

Since the advent of special adult products, the demand for their robots has been increasing.For the needs of customers with cash shortages, Swiss brothels have decided to replace female employees with sex robots, so that customers with cash shortages can also seek cheap incentives.

But many customers have different opinions on this: sex dolls can never replace human contacts.

This is just the worship of some men. Not all men can accept plastic lovers. Smart sex dolls are more popular with consumers than sex dolls.

The price of a sex doll service in a brothel is only £ 70, while the price of a real prostitute service is more than double.

The need for sex robots has been around for some time. The realistic sex doll industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, with an estimated net worth of $ 30 billion. More than 40% of men who participated in the online survey said they could imagine buying a sex robot in the next five years.

The future of human-robot relationships lacking basic human values ​​such as respect and consent is worrying. Perhaps granting human considerations to robots might alleviate this challenge. In 2017, Saudi Arabia became the first headline granted to robotic citizens in human history.