What’s the situation of lovers kissing without feeling?

The intimacy between lovers is generally gradually upgraded, from simple dating to holding hands, hugging, kissing and making love. Each further stage of intimacy represents the sublimation and accumulation of feelings between lovers. When a couple kisses, they will have a physical response. If kissing doesn’t feel, then we should analyze what caused it.

How about kissing without feeling?

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, there should be some reaction when kissing. These reactions are physiological. The body secretes hormones. Girls usually have a fast heartbeat and blush. Some of them will feel soft and weak. The body will feel more obvious. If there is no feeling, there may be problems in the following aspects.

Cause analysis:

1. Kissing time is too short: The first kiss may be strange and shy, just a simple kiss on the lips, but the lips touch, no further action, no body reaction, it’s over, so the girls don’t feel it.

2. Inadequate kissing skills: Kissing is a skill. The first kiss may not be very good. It’s reckless. It will make the girl feel uncomfortable and can’t enjoy the fun of kissing. When kissing, the facial muscles will move. There are ways to suck and tangle. Now kissing may not be felt. It may be felt after slowly exploring.

3. Feelings are not in place: Another possibility is that the feelings of the other half are not enough, and they can’t bring their own heartbeat feeling. Therefore, when kissing, the heart will have this kind of consciousness, leading to their feelings can’t be integrated into it. Because too close behaviors can’t be accepted temporarily, they need to cultivate their feelings slowly, and then feel kissing again.

Notes for first kiss

1. Keep your breath fresh: It’s best to keep your breath fresh before kissing, because this is your first kiss, and you’d better make a good impression. If you have a bad taste in your mouth, you may be more embarrassed. Before kissing, you can chew gum or eat some candy. When kissing, you don’t leave anything in your mouth. Kissing is not only a simple lip touch, but also possible. You can use your tongue and mouth.

2. Choose the right place: After all, this is the first kiss. In public, it’s hard to avoid some embarrassment. When dating, try to find a quiet place, such as on the park lawn. Evening is a good time, so everyone won’t be too shy and embarrassed to kiss.

3. When kissing: The most important moment is coming. When all the external conditions are good, you can slowly enter the kissing atmosphere. You can see each other. Girls can wipe their lips and look at the boy’s eyes or mouth. When the other person knows, their bodies slowly approach until their lips touch each other. The first kiss may feel strange. Girls should not be too afraid and refuse. Let it be natural. They can hold the boy in their hands or put them on his shoulders. When kissing, both sides can close their eyes and feel the feeling of kissing. Then they can open their mouths, feel each other with their tongues, breathe each other, feel each other’s breath, and move with their desires. The first kiss may not take too long, and then repeated kissing several times can better grasp the method of kissing!