Coronavirus causes shortage of sex dolls

Coronavirus factories closed and production stopped, resulting in a shortage of sex dolls for customers in the UK and the US.

The majority of sex dolls around the world were produced in China, but the sex doll industry in the United Kingdom and the United States suffered a major blow due to the corona virus outbreak. Almost all Western X-rated dolls were shipped from Chinese factories, but deliveries have fallen sharply now.

“It’s crazy how realistic they look, there’s no way most people would realise just from looking at a photo that it was a real doll, in my opinion. “When you’re looking at a photograph it’s indistinguishable, but when you see it in real life, human instincts kick in and you sense something is not quite right. “I’ve heard numerous stories of people having friends over who initially say hello to their friend’s dolls before realising a few seconds later they not alive.”

The Silicone Lovers boss added that more upgrades are on their way.
More and more British men and women are secretly seeking partners with sex dolls and robots. Recently, one in ten Britons admitted that they would play with robots.

By 2020, the value of the sex toy industry will be estimated at 38 billion pounds, of which realistic sex dolls are one of its fastest growing products, costing up to 15,000 pounds per fashion. In addition to the lack of emotional intimacy, we have to say that the general consensus is that high-quality sex dolls come from well-known sex doll manufacturers, such as racyme sex doll.

How to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections?

Learning how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is very important, especially if you are a man who has sex with other men. From 2005 to 2014, the number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) diagnoses rose 6% from trusted sources According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the proportion of women among homosexuals and bisexuals is higher.

Sexually transmitted infections are conditions that you can contract and spread easily during sex. Some can have few external symptoms. If you or your sexual partner have not been tested first, you will never know. Sexually transmitted infections can have serious health consequences, such as the development of diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Reduce the number of sexual partners in your life, monogamous with your partner, avoid situations where you are intoxicated and engage in dangerous sex, and test with your partner before having a sexual relationship.

Nearly half of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States occur unexpectedly each year, and about one-third of these women believe they were unable to conceive at the time. Contraception or birth control are important aspects of women’s health.

Sexually transmitted infections can be easily transmitted through the use of sex toys. Avoid sharing toys with others and always wash them after use to reduce risk.

Why sex doll brothels have more and more sex robots?

Since the advent of special adult products, the demand for their robots has been increasing.For the needs of customers with cash shortages, Swiss brothels have decided to replace female employees with sex robots, so that customers with cash shortages can also seek cheap incentives.

But many customers have different opinions on this: sex dolls can never replace human contacts.

This is just the worship of some men. Not all men can accept plastic lovers. Smart sex dolls are more popular with consumers than sex dolls.

The price of a sex doll service in a brothel is only £ 70, while the price of a real prostitute service is more than double.

The need for sex robots has been around for some time. The realistic sex doll industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, with an estimated net worth of $ 30 billion. More than 40% of men who participated in the online survey said they could imagine buying a sex robot in the next five years.

The future of human-robot relationships lacking basic human values ​​such as respect and consent is worrying. Perhaps granting human considerations to robots might alleviate this challenge. In 2017, Saudi Arabia became the first headline granted to robotic citizens in human history.

How to choose your best sex doll

The best sex dolls must be high-end love dolls and can provide you with a customized service brand. We know that the best sex dolls are often very expensive, but once you have a high-end doll, you know that it is worth paying. of.

Buying a suitable sex doll is more than just spending a lot of money. In addition to budget, you must be emotionally prepared because you will spend a lot of time on it if you are not sure if you are suitable for what kind of sex. Dolls need to be carefully considered from the place of origin, material, size and appearance. For example, adult sex dolls, mini sex dolls, silicone sex dolls and tpe sex dolls, Asian sex dolls and American sex dolls are among the most common and hottest sex doll options.

If you still don’t know how to buy a suitable and quality sex doll, then please read all the sections here, or choose a browse of sex doll catalog, and it may be easier to make a choice when you see those love sex dolls.

If you love young women with beautiful hair, you will definitely find Katy attractive. She is charming, sexy and very beautiful.

If you like big breasts and ass, you will fall in love with jasmine immediately. She is beautiful, curvaceous, and full of charm, which is why she is at the top of our list. She is so realistic that you will forget that she is a plastic lover. to get more lovers.

When sex dolls are equipped with close man-machine relationships

Whether sex dolls can alleviate social isolation?

Many experts say that this is not helpful for social isolation, and may even make them more socially isolated.

Have sex robots really get love from them to find satisfaction?

The usual propaganda copy of a sex robot would be like this: Our sex robots provide what every adult sex dolls‘ needs – unconditional love and support. Provided to every customer who needs to feel love, because each of us has the ability to feel love and embrace the rights of lovers, we can help adults to meet their social and sexual needs. Although experts say that this does nothing to social isolation, it may even make them more socially isolated. Although in society, sexual robots can alleviate social isolation is a common theme.

It is widely believed that sexual robots should be modeled on women. Although scientists have conducted clinical trials on sex robots, it is also risky to invest research funds in sexual relations with sex robots. When the prototype of a sexual robot is designed to meet the needs of both male and heterosexual customers, this may hinder their subsequent development. Rather than assuming that robots will be a substitute, people will be attracted to sex robots, thanks to their different characteristics. There are many important things in the intimacy of human beings, the most difficult of which is conversation. You definitely want to have a partner that fits your interests perfectly, which is impossible in the real world, but you can imagine customizing a fully fit dream love doll after 50 years.

The Benefits of Buying a Mini Sex Doll

Anyone who bought a childlike doll found that they were easier to clean than other dolls on the same market. When you want someone who can satisfy your sexual desire, you will always have an adult doll. Lifelike dolls are always easy to maintain compared to the various options available on the market.These mini sex dolls are generally high-quality dolls. Therefore, 100cm sex dolls have become the first choice for buyers. In fact, they have become the number one seller of real-life dolls from price to use.

  • More choices of sex dolls types

Choosing to buy a baby doll has more options. When you buy any product from the market, you can always get a reasonably priced product when you need it. When you really need these adult sex dolls, you may get a lot of sex dolls when you buy the market. The cost of buying these realistic dolls is always affordable compared to other available options on the market.

  • Easier to clean and move

Anyone who has bought a life-size sex doll will know that a life-size doll is difficult to move because of its weight limitations. But mini sex dolls have this advantage and are more convenient to move and clean. The best cleaning frequency for dolls is that you should wash them immediately after use, so the cleaning steps directly affect the buyer’s experience. Of course, you can also choose the configuration of the movable vagina for your high sex dolls, which can also save you some trouble in cleaning, although the price will be more expensive, but it is worthy.

“They are not Just Ordinary Sex Dolls”-Sex Doll Anxiety

First of all, in South Korea, the prohibition of sex dolls was made by the general public. Nearly 250,000 people signed the petition and asked the president’s office to respond.

But then in the June ruling, the decision was still maintained. Although lifelike sex dolls are not illegal in South Korea, this is still the reason why some people are worried about the increase in sexual crimes. On the other hand, South Korea is the country with the highest consumption of sex toys worldwide. The humanoid character of a sex doll does not make it a mere sex toy in Korea. However, South Korea currently allows the import of dolls from Japan, which is still under review in other countries.

Soon after the petition in Korea, the death of Jeffrey Epstein of the United States triggered the disclosure of sexual crimes like horror movies. This undoubtedly reveals in some respects the potential danger of sexual crimes. It is only in 2019 that there have been many celebrity sexual assault cases, and whether this suicide is also hiding more shocking events from us, we I can only wait for the day when the investigation is clear, no matter how long.

We should strictly distinguish realistic sex dolls from pornography, and pornography should be strictly restricted. A large part of the population is difficult to get rid of the prejudice against silicone dolls. Classify them as the same kind of erotic toys. Of course, this is not a problem only for a country.

A Compass that Guides your Safe Sex with Sex Doll

Some adult sex dolls are made from chemicals that are unsafe for the human body. These chemicals can cause itching, burning, rashes and tissue damage.

If you are buying a realistic sex doll made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE sex doll), then you need to consider and check the source of the factory. For example, a qualified factory: no phthalates. A handy technique for checking unsafe materials is the odor test. If the product has a strong odor, this is a good indicator of using cheap, unsafe materials to make it.

This latex material is commonly used to make dildo. It has a pungent odor and often causes an allergic reaction. If you buy a rubber sex toy, be sure to use a condom because it is porous.

But the doll is not contagious, you don’t have to be nervous when using it, you just need to put most of your work before you buy it. Here we have a recommendation.

Racyme sex doll offer you the most guaranteed service:

With medical silicone and TPE material, metal skeleton and flexible joints for many positions, we ensure safely human use.

With DHL, UPS, FedEx and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door in 7-15 days.

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Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift.

Top Reasons They Buy Life-size Sex Dolls

As women become more powerful, sex dolls offer opportunities for men to return to the relationship that they control. Life-size Sex dolls bring comfort to men, make men loyal, and dispel male loneliness. Sex dolls will never (try to) change men, and will not do anything that makes men feel ridiculously absurd.

Those who know about sex dolls will know that mini sex dolls have always been the first choice for many people. Because they are light weight while meeting all the requirements. However, because of the restrictions of local policies, they have to choose adult sex dolls. The reasons for such enthusiasm are also multifaceted.

Will sex dolls be better than real girlfriends?

I think the most important thing is to spend less. You know that sex dolls are not cheap. You need to spend a little money to bring her home, but you can calculate it compared to the cost of your girlfriend. You can also save a lot of dating time, time is the era of money, and fewer and fewer people will spend their energy on the pursuit of girls.

Starting from yourself, sex dolls can forgive understanding of everything you have. You don’t have to understand the girl’s thoughts. It is calm and friendly to you. She will never hurt or betray you.

It will be the most perfect and ideal dream doll you have ever encountered, always. They are safe, don’t spread the disease, don’t get pregnant, and don’t complain. Can help you release stress and stay with you forever.

Can tattoos work on TPE sex dolls?

Those who has a TPE sex doll must known that TPE can easily be stained by some clothes.Since it is a kind of oily material.TPE doll has a tendency to absorb organic dyes easily.So some of you might think : is there a posiibility to utilize this trait of the TPE to tatoo the doll?

Or someone may ask whether such a tattoo sticker gives the TPE a permanent color, which will not cause a change in the color of the skin around the doll. Will it penetrate into other areas? If the tattoo is well occupied in the TPE, how can I remove it?

It is necessary to know that the principle of human tattoo is different. The body color is exclusive to the color of the tattoo. The human body recognizes that the ink of the tattoo is a foreign object, so the tattoo will change color after the wound is healed, and the oily component in the TPE will facilitate the diffusion of the ink and penetration.

If you use a temporary tattoo sticker, the end result is that the tattoo appears to be on the surface of the lifelike sex doll. If it comes into contact with the fabric, it will partially fall off. This is like tearing off a new tattoo sticker but only partially falling off. I think you should know the result.
Although the effect of tattoos is not ideal, there are still many people who are keen to try, will you be one of them?

How to tattoo TPE sex doll buy yourself ?