The world’s first vocable sex doll

At least in 1922, the dolls had pronunciation function. These bodies are like living men and women, and they can change their postures at will with a simple pressure… This complete set of machines, regardless of gender, is 3000 francs. . The instrument can be equipped with recording accessories to record and play any sound, 3250 francs for men and 3,500 francs for women.

Just like the selfless and harmonious atmosphere in the forum, other countries on the European continent have said to the French: “A good man lives in peace.” Because France does not monopolize this technology, but allows it to spread widely. Since then, sex dolls have not only blossomed everywhere in France, but Germany, Austria and other countries have also begun to imitate them. However, Germany is the cheapest and Austria is the most expensive.

But so far, people still secretly put the realistic sex doll in private to enjoy, but soon a famous artist showed the dolls publicly for the first time, this person is Oscar Kokoschka.

He and his brother Fritz and Lotpinzer created his first doll in 1933.

The main body of this doll is made of a broomstick and part of a metal rod, and is covered with a wooden shell. The difference from the past is that the tpe sex doll is hollow inside. In order to further express his secret desires, Bell disassembled the doll, rearranged its parts, posing a series of suggestive poses to represent his fantasy, and he also took many photos for it.

Documentaries about AI dolls

I visited several silicone doll users in different countries, and everyone was different. For them, the biggest difference between a doll and a human being is that they don’t have to worry about the person next to them being gone. Others are willing to bring the doll into their real lives and introduce her to friends at a bar near their home.
In the face of a new generation of ai love dolls, some people are so obsessed with the silicone dolls around them that they may not buy a Harmony, preferring to upgrade their existing ones.

Kathleen Richardson, on the other hand, is probably the most vocal anti-robot companion in the world. She holds a PhD in anthropology at Cambridge university and heads the European society for robotics ethics.
A few years ago, Kathleen started the anti-robot companion movement,”These real dolls were made for commercial purposes. People have been saying that bonding with people is not necessary, and if that becomes the norm, humanity will be in crisis.”
Kathleen believes that companion robots are a form of pornography anyway, and to some extent have a sense of treating people as property and objectifying women.
From Matt’s point of view, he thinks he’s done a good job designing a product, a service, where people find comfort, growth and companionship.

The most interesting thing about the whole shooting process of this series of documentaries is that when I interviewed party A, I thought he made A lot of sense. But when I listened to the opposite side of party A, I agreed with the man in front of me. As I watched the film in the post-editing, I realized how easily I had accepted both sides of the story. Why didn’t I think to question them? But why should I question it? It is the collision of these two ideas that is most precious. There are more than seven billion people in the world, and if seven billion people think the same thing, we’re one. It’s beautiful, but it also lacks the beauty of diversity.

Partner robot is actually talking about loneliness

Always we are talking about relationships,companion,sex,love,and to prove that love is really existed. So how could you prove the love between love doll and human, and do doll love in society make sense?

No matter what love sex and robots is the trend of the future,they are all about relation. And human can not live without love. And love often come with companions, we can easily feel love behind loneliness.

I went to visit the reluctant guest’s home, where he already has five live dolls made by Matt. He even let me touch and feel the texture of the realistic sex dolls. He was one of those doll users who had a marriage that fell apart, who were depressed about their relationship, who were fed up with the search and the hunt, and who had a doll that saved them a lot of effort. He would not have too much fantasy of the doll, occasionally drink wine when the doll in the corner of the room, sleep at night to choose a doll to carry her into the room.

The robot companion. Will Al replace sex and love in the future?
Will robot companions really exist in our lives in the future? With this question and curiosity in mind, we went to the United States, jersey 2, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other places to interview producers and users of real doll factories and to see from their perspective: why would anyone want to connect physically and emotionally with an inanimate object?

Virtual Romance Club

2016 is the hottest year for the virtual reality industry, and the virtual film and television industry and the game industry are two important development directions. If the two are compared, then they are advancing to the porn culture. In addition, the birth of 5G has also provided a more realistic experience for VR online games. Fallen doll by Japanese adult VR game maker.

It enjoys a high reputation in Japan and even the world. The game recounts that in 2001, in order to stop the aggression of foreign origin species (called “BETA” by the United Nations), the Japanese Empire sent a dark-haired beautiful girl to a special task assigned by Iwataka Sasuke to participate as a Japanese technical director “Prominence Plan” to jointly develop humanoid “tactical aircraft” with US Army personnel. Simply put, it’s a game to see how BETA can kill girls, the game scene is full of blood and taboo elements.

One of the main advantages of 5G is reduced latency, which is very important for online games because online games are crucial. Smart sex dolls and VR headsets will provide this lifelike experience.

In 5G-based virtual reality, the machine sitting on his leg looks like another person, and its movement will be fully synchronized with the movement of the oral sex. Users can use these 3D models to create still images and animated videos, or have sex with them using VR headsets and connected toys such as sex dolls. Not surprisingly, sharing 3D models of celebrities is one of the most common activities in the community, because high-quality photos are available online, and simply because people like public figures whose fantasy cannot be achieved.

Adult entertainment is rapidly turning into sex robots

The rise in the use of sex robots suggests that the future of sexual intercourse with machines may be commonplace. With the involvement of virtual reality and smart sex doll, the sexual life between people may be preserved to meet people’s basic sexual needs.

Although we know that the coming of the robot age will cause conflicts between humans and robots, the concerns pointed out by experts still deserve our attention. If people adapt to a robot, they may abandon their partner and fall in love with the machine forever.

Sex with a robot is just fake. It can lead to psychotic illness and isolation. Sex with robots does not make human life bring us real communication. You can eat fake food to stay hungry. But over time, it still ends badly. Experts warn that sex addiction to robotic sex dolls can become a serious problem. It’s just another way to express sexual activity or addiction.

Sexual addiction is a way to numb an unbearable sensory state … including but not limited to loneliness, shame, boredom and stress. For those who are still seeking physical satisfaction, sex robots are becoming more advanced and more affordable. These lifeless pleasure objects have become more realistic with functions such as speaking, hearing, and touch-based hearing and auditory responses.

China silicone doll factory, a place to heal loneliness.

In the silicone sex doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin tone, chest size, eye color, and hair color of each doll. The most popular dolls have white skin and big breasts and are between 158cm and 170cm tall.

Solving loneliness in a huge single population, with 33.6 million more men than women in a country with 1.4 billion people. This means that many depressed young people have little or no action.

So some company’s products can solve this problem, “China lacks women. This is why there is such a demand, but they are not just for sex.” This is because robots can also conduct dialogue and do some housework. It is estimated that China’s sex toys account for more than 80% of the world’s total, in China $ 66 billion industry. There are more than 1 million people engaged in the sex toy industry, and they hope to introduce more advanced robots, including artificial intelligence technology, complex facial expressions, and body movements, voice recognition systems, and eyes that can track people’s movements.

Racyme is a world-class large-size simulation doll manufacturing company. The factory is located in Guangdong, China. We have been devoted to the design and production of various colloidal love dolls. In the pursuit of beauty, we have our own persistence and vision. We hope that our work does not stop at “making”, but “creating”. To this end, our sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, and others, strive for excellence in every production step, hoping that every detail can reach its peak. The company invests a lot of money every year in the research and development of new products and new features.

When hackers focus on sex toys, your data will be “stolen”?

As sex toys become more intelligent, they are now able to calculate calories, get people to locate them, record audio and video, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, people can even remotely control each other’s happiness.
Whether it’s cracking exploring sex toys or DIY new sex toys, people will be able to break taboos and shame, get better sexual pleasure, and more importantly, many revolutionary concepts created by hackers, targeting a few Crowd innovation, mainstream big companies can hardly see or realize similar ideas due to their various restrictions.

This also opens the door to hacking toys. In the SexTech hackathon and DIY sex toy workshops where most hackers in the sex field gather, more and more hackers spontaneously form communities to find new ways to write sex toys together, and some are carried out with the support of adult sex toy companies.

Therefore, when we buy a sex toy or sex doll, we should first ensure that it meets the standards for safe use, and then we must check the device’s privacy terms and data collection policies, and have a strict sense of privacy protection at all times.

But when intelligence becomes embedded in the tools of our lives, the privacy crisis will only continue to expand. This is still a difficult problem that cannot be curbed now. The only way we can completely avoid it is to stay away from intelligence, or until there are more intelligent ways to solve it.

The most anticipated artificial intelligence product-sex robots

Humans do not want to create AI dolls like real people, but we are still pursuing intelligent robots that are infinitely close to humans, as they exist in science fiction movies.

China has been investing billions of dollars in the artificial intelligence market, including Chinese sex doll companies. Sex dolls with movable eyes, arms, torso have been manufactured since 2016. The AI ​​in the doll can talk a lot and answer questions. In addition, the biggest attribute of these realistic sex dolls is that they can be customized according to customer needs. With the continuous improvement of AI technology, I believe that they will have more natural limb movements.

Sexual activity and the sex industry have taken almost every express train of human history development, and it almost always sits in the forefront of the carriage. Without further ado, the development of the Internet alone has an inseparable relationship with the development of the sex industry. VR equipment is gradually becoming popular, and adult movies are also the only video content that has been produced in large numbers and widely disseminated. In fact, when Google Glass was just launched in 2016, an adult app store, “Mikandi,” immediately launched its first adult app, designed for glasses.

The sex industry has never given up trying in this regard, but adults are always practical first. Such as inflatable sex dolls, it is said that its earliest design concept was proposed by Hitler as a “welfare” for German soldiers. After the war, this product entered the civilian field, and the development of commerce catalyzed its rapid iteration. At the end of the 1950s, it could already have a preset recording built in. It was the earliest attempt of sex products in “interaction” . Then the explosive development of technology made the details of inflatable dolls more and more realistic.

What’s the best material for realistic sex doll skin

Despite the increasing popularity of sex dolls and the increasing popularity of sex robots, we still haven’t found a way to fully replicate the texture of human skin while still supporting heat and strength. Most sex dolls today are made of TPE, which is a thermoplastic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon and polyvinyl chloride. Since the invention of sex dolls, TPE sex doll has become the most suitable raw material at present, because it is more real, more affordable, flexible, flexible and recyclable. However, it is not perfect. Compared to silicone, its heat resistance is not good enough. You need to carefully consider whether to let your baby take a hot bath.

Once sex robots are put on the market, can the advantages of tpe be maintained? In order to meet the bionic standards of sexual robots, simulate emotions. Need to consider the movement and position of the eyes, and that skin material can move smoothly with the robot function.

Regarding the new material of the skin, realism is an eternal topic. A material called rubber looks soft and elastic, and it is actually a formula that can be called TPE.

Although the simulation of the skin is an important reference step for making realistic sex dolls, considering that customers usually repair the products themselves, no matter it is the popular silicone or TPE, they can realize the maintenance work at home by users.

What can artificial intelligence robots do for intimacy?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing, and intimacy and sex can be one of the important areas. Some new advanced technologies increase the possibility of human and robotic love doll interaction.

The robot includes all virtual, contained and enhanced artificial color agents and the technology that produces them. The definition includes, but is not limited to, prototypes of sex robots, virtual or augmented pornographic characters, applications for artificial partners, and porn chat robots.

Not only applied to solid sex doll, but also to manifest themselves through various interfaces of virtual devices such as mobile phones, computers and game consoles in the future. They will take many forms and formulate unlimited behaviors in the simulated world. The ability to think and learn in fundamentally different ways from humans will be widely used in new types of intimate relationships. Love will be redefined.

There are also service robots that can help find you a partner, or for medical and therapeutic environments. Helps resolve fears and anxieties associated with intimacy.

The harmonious appearance reflects the general stereotypes of female beauty, such as large breasts and small waistline. This stereotype of what a physically attractive woman should look like is dangerous. Studies have shown that media’s excessive gender portrayal of women is linked to sexual harassment and increased violence against women.