The world’s first vocable sex doll

At least in 1922, the dolls had pronunciation function. These bodies are like living men and women, and they can change their postures at will with a simple pressure… This […]

Documentaries about AI dolls

I visited several silicone doll users in different countries, and everyone was different. For them, the biggest difference between a doll and a human being is that they don’t have […]

Partner robot is actually talking about loneliness

Always we are talking about relationships,companion,sex,love,and to prove that love is really existed. So how could you prove the love between love doll and human, and do doll love in […]

Virtual Romance Club

2016 is the hottest year for the virtual reality industry, and the virtual film and television industry and the game industry are two important development directions. If the two are […]

Adult entertainment is rapidly turning into sex robots

The rise in the use of sex robots suggests that the future of sexual intercourse with machines may be commonplace. With the involvement of virtual reality and smart sex doll, […]

China silicone doll factory, a place to heal loneliness.

In the silicone sex doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin tone, chest size, eye color, and hair color of each doll. The most popular dolls have white skin […]

What’s the best material for realistic sex doll skin

Despite the increasing popularity of sex dolls and the increasing popularity of sex robots, we still haven’t found a way to fully replicate the texture of human skin while still […]

What can artificial intelligence robots do for intimacy?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing, and intimacy and sex can be one of the important areas. Some new advanced technologies increase the possibility of human and robotic love doll interaction. The […]