Which country has the longest sex time?

Recently, I saw a research survey on the length of sexual life of husband and wife, which is about the sexual life time of citizens in many western countries. The results of the survey are a bit of a delight for Britons, who are ranked first in terms of their sex lives. However, in addition to being happy, the British also feel a bit discouraged, because this “first” is not so good, because the average time is only 7 minutes and 36 seconds.

According to the survey, with the exception of the British, the Americans came second with an average time of seven minutes, followed by the Spaniards of 5.8 minutes, the Dutch of 5.1 minutes and the Turks of 3.8 minutes. According to the survey, the duration of orgasm in couples’ sexual life is 44 seconds at most and 30 seconds at least. Men also easily reach orgasm with a sex doll.

And how long is the most perfect sex? The answer given by researchers from byland college in Pennsylvania is: 7-13 minutes. Fox News reports that this is the first large-scale study on the length of sexual love. Researchers randomly surveyed thousands of people in the United States and Australia and found that physical sex (from the beginning of sexual organ contact) was the most appropriate time in 7-13 minutes. Most of the respondents, especially the men, said that when having sex for more than 13 minutes, the feeling of fatigue will increase, and it is difficult to recover physical strength; when having sex for less than 7 minutes, they will have a sense of meaning. Using sex toy can make sex more fun.

In fact, in sexual intimacy, the time required for women to reach orgasm is also very personalized. According to another survey abroad, among 964 women, 27% of them have orgasm only one minute after having sex, while 61% of them need about 12 minutes, and the longest one needs dozens of minutes, with an average of 10-20 minutes. In other words, nearly 30% of women and men have similar speed of sexual response.

It’s learned that in order for women to reach orgasm, many men will deliberately extend their sexual intercourse time. But in fact, even women who are sexually sensitive don’t reach orgasm every time. Therefore, excessive extension of time, especially more than 30 minutes, is likely to lead to some adverse consequences. For example, the male side may have excessive congestion of prostate gland, discomfort of perineum, spermatic cord and testes after sexual intercourse, and the female side may have excessive congestion of pelvic cavity, resulting in abdominal distention and pain, increased leucorrhea, cervical erosion, etc. In addition, deliberately prolonging sexual intercourse time will consume a lot of physical and mental energy, and both sides will feel particularly tired the next day, thus affecting normal life and work.

In general, it’s unwise to control ejaculation in order to prolong the time of sexual love. The sexual law that really suits you needs husband and wife to explore and explore together. As Xu Dachun, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, said, essence is a thing. If you want to move, you will live; if you don’t move, you won’t live. Natural immobility is beneficial, compulsion harmful, and overuse exhausted. Let nature do what it wants, and the method of keeping essence. That is to say, harmonious sex life has nothing to do with time. Blindly pursuing long-term sex life will not only threaten men’s health, but also reduce women’s sexuality, and then generate anxiety, disgust and even resistance. Therefore, it’s better for the couple to let it go.