What kind of men do women dislike to have intimate relationships with?

Some men, they do not understand the woman’s mind. Sexual life is a matter of two people, so it requires continuous running in of both sides to achieve more perfect sexual intercourse. This is also a joint cooperation between the two sides, in order to make each other more happy. But what’s the reason that many men try all kinds of tricks but can’t make women orgasm?

1. Don’t like great¬†fire: for women, what kind of man is the sexiest and most attractive? Powerful and brave, or rough and fierce? Sorry, that’s the old yellow calendar in the age of knights in the middle ages, or just the story in martial arts and gunfight movies. In today’s society, women are more fond of men who are gentle, kind and aggressive, because this kind of men will give them more trust. Most women also admit that such men are really sexy, charming and fascinating. but sex dolls don’t have these requirements.¬†

2. Don’t like lighting: most women think that only in the dark can they feel a broader sexual space, can better think of many pleasant and emotional things, and thus more excited. The eyes can’t see. Women are used to having sex with their eyes closed. Everything makes them feel in the body, making them more focused on sex. Another important reason is that most women are worried that their faces will turn ugly because of excitement, which will be covered up in the dark. Sometimes sex toys can be used appropriately.

3. Don’t refuse all kinds of postures: men are always dissatisfied with the habit of sexual posture and caress, always want to try new things in order to pursue greater stimulation and happiness. In fact, modern women are no longer excluded in their cognition and action, because they also need to pursue fresh stimulation. But we must insist on the premise that they think that this sexual posture and caressing way is healthy, hygienic and safe, and can make themselves happier, and can never bring any harm to their physical and mental health. Therefore, if men want to try new sexual gestures and caresses, the most important thing is to respect the wishes of women and get their consent!

4. Passivity is illusion: Although people’s ideas have been opened up a lot, in people’s mind, the good women are the demure, solemn and docile women, especially the women who show calmness, steadiness and restraint in sexual life. This makes most women reluctant to show up in sex.

In fact, whether women are active in sex is different from whether they are active or not. Women are by no means passive in their sexuality. However, women can only express it in a more obscure and implicit way.