Simulation silica gel solid doll open correctly!

In recent years the emulation entity doll industry is in full swing, the doll style on the market is hundreds of thousands, a new person that just enters a pit, already had complete understanding to the doll? How to choose a favorite doll, here I give you a few tips, the following questions and instructions are very important to you, please read carefully.

1、The selected material

At present, there are three materials of physical dolls on the market: tpe, silica gel and cloth. The texture and experience of each doll are different.

The material of a.tepe doll is soft, tear resistant, elastic, easy to dye, easy to change, easy to oil, life is moderate, body details and makeup painting is slightly inferior, can not plant hair, plant eyelashes, material matte, heavy weight is difficult to wear clothes, the price is relatively cheap. (ps: novice trial and error)

B. The material of the silicone doll is soft, less malleable than ept, not easy to dye, not easy to produce oil, not easy to deform, long life, good body curve and skin texture and other details, can be painted, can be hair transplantation, eyelash planting, bright material, heavy weight is difficult to wear clothes, the price is the most expensive. (ps: one-step approach)

C. cloth doll is only one manufacturer at present, the advantage is light and easy to receive, also do not need to wash the baby powder and other frequent maintenance, wear clothes is also simple, the price is the cheapest. (ps: if you like dolls, you can consider it.)

2、Choose the brand

The suggestion chooses the word of mouth big brand, the quality has the assurance, one step arrives in place, also pay tuition fee less.

3、Choose the body

A. Choose the height. At present, the height of the doll is between 120-170, the body weight of 120 is about 20kg, 148 is about 25kg, the body weight of 160 is about 30kg, and the body weight of 170 is about 35kg (the value varies from house to house).

B. choose proportions and size of breasts. Some people like chubby, some like slim, some like big boobs, some like flat boobs, and so on

C. Separation or integration, mainly refers to the use of functional aspects. The real degree of separation is poor, easy to clean; One beautiful and true, difficult to clean

D. choose skeleton, skeleton structure of each doll factory design is different, lead to each brand doll differ slightly, activity, there are some dolls can be posed as a man of 90% close to reality, and some simple knowledge can pose is 70% close to reality, some doll set knowledge will rebound, this is he the body material, if you are a photo enthusiasts, the frame design is to be taken into account.

life sized sex doll

4、Selected head

There are a lot of styles, European and American, Asian, mature, girl, girl and so on, the choice of looks vary from person to person, material, silica gel head makeup is not easy to fade, hair can be planted eyelashes, tpe head painting details are slightly different easy to fade, the use of hair cover, easy to fall off eyelashes. Silicone head is highly recommended.

5、Choose function

Physical doll function can be summed up in two words, “use” and “play”. Physical doll manufacturers are trumpeting the “use” function, also known as the function of adult products, but the use of this function of the baby friends will certainly say that this function is a bit of a rib, to say the truth is not easy to use the inflatable doll. So if only for this function to buy baby friends must think again and again. For the function of “play”, the entity doll exquisite craft, whether the level of appearance or shape is close to perfect, can choose according to individual be fond of appearance and shape, create belong to you only a person, she (he), is well suited for companionship or photos, have the sense of reality, in addition to accompany you to watch TV, Internet access, have a meal, you can for her (him) to dress up and photograph and her friend exchanges, more important is that she (he) is one of the best listener, he can tolerate everything of you.