What kind of man do women like best

Type 1: a man who is willing to make her happy, a humorous man who generally eats all kinds of things from the old and the young, a type that girls and young women all like. King Youwang of Zhou devoted himself to getting praise and praise and a smile. In addition to a harmonious sexual life, it is more practical to make his daughter-in-law laugh than to give any gift. Make her happy, you must try!

Type 2: men and women who are willing to talk to them love talking, which is natural. Some people have said that a woman is like three sparrows, and they also love men who are willing to listen to them. If they don’t love talking to her, she will feel lost. So, try to learn to talk to women, in fact, it’s easy to find a point to talk to them, and learn from the emotional topics of the gossip forums!

Type 3: men who respect their ideas. Although men and women have already heard their ears cocoon, how important is women’s right of speech? So men who can respect their ideas must be very popular. Don’t blindly think that a man’s righteousness is a cow. Sometimes moderates are the king! For example, they can accept the use of sex toys and sex dolls

Type 4: Be kind to their men. There is no doubt that she feels good to her. Once a friend said that she was a man who liked smoking, drinking and beating his wife. She thought that was very manly. But in the end, she cried when she quarreled with her boyfriend. Why? In fact, there are not many such abused young women. Most women still hope you can pet her as a little princess, so be kind to her and win!

Type 5: considerate and gentle man, meticulous and gentle man, can think of the man in front of her, the man who cooks and washes every day, don’t think such a man is useless, now it’s no more than before, considerate and gentle love for his wife has become the mainstream, it’s estimated that the majority of female compatriots will definitely thumbs up when they see this! On the 2nd anniversary of the colleague’s love affair, the boyfriend sent flowers and mysterious gifts, which made the colleague smile. Although he said the gifts were not practical, he would be happy in his heart, so being a gentle and considerate man would be welcome!

Type 6: a man who is confident but not conceited. A man should be confident. This is necessary. No woman is willing to live a lifetime with a man who has no confidence. But self-confidence is not the same as conceit. You should know what weight you have. You can’t say too much. This will make girls feel insecure. Besides, the conceited man must be miserable!

Type 7: a man who knows what love is, this seemingly abstract man is not difficult to understand. A man who does not know how to love others will certainly not love himself. Love yourself, love your family and friends, love your lover, only a man who knows what love is is worth others to love you sincerely!

Type 8: a man who is willing to listen, based on all of the above, is willing to share with her, respects and cares for her, and is good at listening to her ideas and ideas. In fact, when you and your lover have no communication, it is estimated that they have come to an end. It is better to listen to her more, even if she complains, at least she needs to understand that you are here, and that someone is still holding you when the sky collapses.