Why do physical dolls produce oil? How to deal with it?

We know that the touch of the real doll is very close to the real person, soft and elastic, and to achieve this simulation of the real person’s hand is required to wash oil, so the purchase of the real doll users after a period of time will find the surface of the doll greasy, hand, this is normal, so don’t panic.

So how do you deal with that? The method is simple


Just give the doll some talcum powder or rub it dry after showering, and the doll will be soft and smooth again.

So we say that dolls also need to be cleaned regularly, not more than a month at the latest, don’t be lazy oh ~ responsible for your baby!

If it is not used for a long time, remember to powder the doll before the collection.

So the doll will give oil, is a normal phenomenon, the manufacturer is also continuing to improve, we also do not hesitate to raise the cost also want to choose in line with the European Union standards of materials, give users a better experience and security! Therefore, our oil output is very small, which is also recognized by many users.

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