What is the difference between using TPE raw materials and silicone raw materials for adult products

In recent years, more and more customers have asked about TPE soft plastics for making adult products, such as artificial dolls, men’s plane cups, women’s masturbation sticks and so on. A few years ago, silicone has been widely used in many fields such as daily necessities, sex toys, medical equipment, electronics industry, etc. due to its soft touch, good flexibility, non-toxic safety, and other characteristics. No matter how good the materials are, they must stand up to the times. People are pursuing development and looking for new materials to replace silicon.

According to the current situation, the success of adult products TPE has risen. In Taobao or brick-and-mortar stores, more adult products of TPE materials are used. The application of TPE to replace silicone in the adult sex toy industry is basically recognized by the market. Jiu Shuo TPE combines his own understanding of the plastics and TPE industries to analyze the reasons why TPE environmentally friendly materials replace silicone rubber in the adult products industry.
Features of silicone materials for adult products:

  1. High price and cost, good quality silica gel starts at 30,000 yuan / ton lower in the market.
  2. The processing cycle is longer. The silica gel needs to be crosslinked (or vulcanized). Except for a few injection-moldable silica gels, the molding and processing time of most silicone raw materials needs to be measured in minutes, which reduces the production capacity.
  3. It cannot be recycled, cannot save costs and wastes resources.

特点 Features of TPE raw materials for adult products:

PETPE and silicone have many similar properties, such as soft-touch, rubber resilience, non-toxic and environmental protection, etc. Compared with silicone, TPE has the following advantages:

  1. TPE is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, in line with EU environmental protection ROHS, PAHS, 12P, DIN53160, EN71-3, PFOS, FDA, REACH and other directives.
  2. Soft skin touch. The soft TPE material can be very close to the real human skin. If it is matched with skin-like color, it can almost be fake.

3.TPE is easy to grade

Transparent sex toys are sometimes left for a long time because the yellowing will obviously yellow. Some TPE manufacturers will add some blue organic pigments (such as ultramarine blue and phthalocyanine blue) when granulating. In this way, the processed adult sex toys will have a transparent blue background. The background color is bluish, and transparency is better visually. The color matching of adult sex toys, such as green, blue, pink, etc., is mainly to increase the use of sex. The toner should be an organic toner with a small particle size, which is more conducive to coloring while maintaining the transparency of the product. Sometimes in order to get a more realistic and fun experience, skin flesh colors are blended.
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