There are several common reasons for women’s infidelity

1, Heart hurt

Some women are abandoned by their boyfriends, who are their first boyfriends, the first boyfriends who think they can entrust for life. So after breaking up with them, their psychology was greatly hurt and they didn’t believe in love, so they began to deliberately indulge themselves and use one night stand to make up for their heart wounds. Because of the disappointment of love and the hatred of self indulgence, this kind of complex feelings will lead to the psychological thought that she is a bad girl and more indulgent herself, so she often looks for one night stand. In fact, it’s just a kind of emotional catharsis. When they lose their boyfriend, they lose their sexual life They use extreme feelings to release the gloom of their hearts. At this time, one night stand is only a disguised self abuse to them, like a wounded beast, but constantly tearing up their wounds, making the wounds bleed What I want to tell this kind of girl is: in fact, it’s not necessary to have pain before you can feel your own existence, in fact, you can change back. It’s not easy for people to live. Please cherish yourself and your body.

2, Anger

A moment of anger can make a big difference. This kind of girl is often lively and has a hot temper. Often is after quarreling with the boyfriend, intentionally uses one night stand to calm own mood. In fact, their hearts just want to vent, just like children, what they think is that boyfriend doesn’t care about me anyway, I want to deliberately annoy him. In fact, she just wants to find someone to care for her, so it’s often easy to have a one night stand with a boy who can comfort her, to find that loss. But often after one night stands, after the mood calms down, starts to regret what oneself has done. Often a lot of women become young women in such a moment of anger Quote: men often regret not having a relationship with a woman; women regret having a relationship with a man. I hope this kind of girl can calmly consider for three minutes before looking for a one night stand. In fact, you can balance your mood in a more appropriate way, such as chatting


Lonely hearts often need reassurance. When the long night, when there is no one around, the psychological loneliness is often the reason why many single women have one night stand. In fact, the need for sex is not big. I just want to find someone to accompany me and spend a long night with myself. One night stand is a kind of filling for the warm yearning and the fear of loneliness. This kind of girl has an open idea and advanced thought Full of desire for romance. Sex toy and sex doll can actually be used when you’re lonely.

4, Sexual desire

The pursuit of sexual desire. Food and sex. With the opening of ideas, many women express their desires more directly. They are looking for a one night stand, which is a naked sexual demand. They are often divorced. Their husband is not around for a long time In fact, women, like men, have physical needs for sex, so they are eager to meet their physiological needs through one night stands. Freud interrupted in an illusory future that “man is a creature of low energy and mental retardation dominated by instinct.” Extramarital love is the biggest hidden danger of many marriage and family. For couples who have entered a stable and flat emotional period, how to make their marriage not be infringed by extramarital love is a matter of concern for many couples. From the above we can know several reasons why women cheat. So how to avoid the possibility of two people out of marriage?