What does a woman want about sex ?

Despite the existence of male sex dolls, women’s choices are still very limited. In the sea of silicone dolls, there are usually only two or three male ones.

When Brian Gill founded silicon wife, an e-commerce platform, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. As the platform’s name suggests, he is entirely focused on the female doll market for men, with a wide range of products, many made in the us, China and Japan.

The dolls are mostly custom-made and can even be sold separately for special parts, such as an sex toy shaped like a woman’s ankle. On the website, you can find a variety of beautiful dolls from different manufacturers, including “big buns sex doll”, “Japanese long-legged doll”, “fat buns cougar doll” and “Russian sex doll”.

Like sexrealdoll and RealDoll doll maker, tend to make women look more fantastic creature and therefore less consider specific role type, instead of focusing on research and development a series of different types of face and body, or you can according to individual be fond of, to “waist, big buns , big chest, a pretty face” as a design standard to innovation.

sexrealdoll sex doll

The sex dolls, which look like real women, are also popular with a large number of male customers. According to the sales director of a company that used to simulate dolls in China, the company’s website BBS has more than 220,000 members, among which there are 65% males for every 35% females. More than 90 % of people who buy dolls are male, with men aged 22 to 55 being the main group.

So what about the male sex doll market for women? Currently, sales of the male dolls are much lower than those of the female dolls, with only a few sold each month. Matt McMullen says he only sells about 40 male dolls a year — about 10 per cent of the business. No amount of facial scrubs on the dolls’ chiseled cheeks, life-size models of private part (both circumcised and uncircumcised), or handsome photos of men smoking cigarettes or playing the guitar haven’t made these dolls a hit.

This has led doll designers, salespeople and manufacturers to agonizing over the question: what do women really want? Jill, director of silicon wife, has received complaints from customers that the dolls are not ‘manly’ enough (because they started with short female hair).Some women complained that private part was too big, while others felt it was too small.

As for the height of the male sex dolls, they are generally around 1.75 meters. Not all customers think they are tall enough, but it is a challenge to make the dolls taller, because they are already very heavy, about 40 kilograms. It seems that women who buy male dolls are more difficult to please than men who buy female dolls, which is why Vice’s video emphasizes that women prefer customized personal dolls.

Why is it so difficult to promote sex toys among women? One dominant dualist explanation is that men are more sexually hungry than women, that they are visual animals, that they are used to submissive, brutal sex, and that women prefer to be gently caressed — a difficult operation for silicone products.

The implication is obvious: men are the hunters, women the prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: figurines, for example, or apple pie in American pie — whereas women need emotional bonding. But this view also ignores the fact that: many women have sex even when they’re not under a bed cover covered in rose petals and many men also like to cuddle rather than just have sex — even if it’s not with real people.

“If we accept a patriarchal explanation that men’s only preference for women is sexual value, then sex dolls are a good alternative.””Says Shelley Ron, a sociologist at Haverford college.”But I think that’s going a little too far.” Ron said the reason women are buying fewer sex dolls may have little to do with sexual preference.”Women earn less than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she said. In addition, “under pressure from social norms, women may be shy about wanting these things and consume less porn than men.”

To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough space to enjoy their bodies, let alone sex dolls.

More and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex is not only to have children, but also that the release of sex does not have to be the same as the development of a relationship.

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