Will Sexual robotic aggravate social crime or ending the sale of sexual services?

It has also been discussed by the scientific community about whether human intelligence can be solved through artificial intelligence robots. At present, humans can use VR technology to simulate and present some private scenes, allowing human beings to enjoy this “pleasure”. But through VR Is simply a deception of human vision. Then comes the realistic sex doll and sex robot.

Whether the emergence of real dolls and sex robots will exacerbate bribery crimes. According to the latest research by experts, the idea of ​​trying to treat pedophilia through child-shaped sex robots or sex dolls is completely wrong. If you want to use this as a means to achieve such a goal, it will often be counterproductive.

On the other hand, human sex workers will be unemployed because there will be more selective robots in terms of price and service. Because of this, more people tend to choose love dolls or sex robots, and these models often use the image of women and children as templates. More and more research shows that compared with reducing the crime rate of rape and child abuse, It is urgent to formulate corresponding laws and regulations to constrain the robots and simulation dolls in a timely manner, because the popularity of sex robots will aggravate social crimes.

People are often implemented on robots by imitating some abuse and killing fantasies. When we get along with the robot, people may torture and kill the robot as if they are in the theme playground. Although we are still a long way from making a completely humanoid robot, human behavior can explain the problems that may exist in the future.