Virgins’ misconceptions about sex.

As a way of emotional communication between men and women, sex can relieve pressure, relax body and mind, and let oneself enjoy the beauty of life. But in sexual life, we are also prone to some wrong views. These wrong ideas will lead to our wrong behavior in sexual intercourse, which is very harmful to sexual life. Men and women should pay attention to these problems.

Women are prone to make mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1. Women are sexually passive: according to a survey, 60% of men believe that “always asking for sex reduces their desire for sex.”. At this point, as long as women have a little initiative, the situation will greatly improve.

Misunderstanding 2. Sexy is not suitable to wear: Sexy has nothing to do with exposure. If exposure is sexy, it’s low-level sexy, it can’t attract high-grade men. Most of the time, women’s actions, eyes, even smiles, will make men have sexual impulse, which is mainly the influence of endoplasm.

Misunderstanding 3. Men are “sex animals”: men value sex, not means no feelings. Researchers at the University of California found that men are more likely to combine sex with love. They think sex is the best way to express their feelings, and their biggest expectation is to be satisfied together. It can be used with some sex toys.

Men are prone to make mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1. Changing posture can make women feel more happy: Although there are more than a dozen personality gestures, it is recommended to use up to three at a time. The change of body position is mainly based on the difference of sexual organs between the two sides, and the most suitable body position is selected. If the body posture changes too frequently, and the excessive pursuit of novelty and variety will not only significantly enhance the sexual feelings of the other party, but also violate the human dignity of the other party, even bring psychological harm, weaken the emotional connection and trust with the lover.

Misunderstanding 2. The larger the penis, the more attractive it is to a woman: the intensity of a woman’s happiness does not depend on the size of a man’s sexual organs. In fact, as long as a third of the vagina is stimulated, women can reach orgasm. Compared with the size of the penis, women care more about intimacy and caress.

Misunderstanding 3. Women’s groans indicate sex climax: not every woman likes to groans. Breathing and blushing are the best basic requirements for judging orgasm. A 20 minute foreplay is the best way for a woman to build her body.

In sexual life, we should pay special attention to these mistakes, avoid the seriousness of the situation, and develop a good sexual relationship, which is of great help to improve the quality of sexual life.