Is it possible for humans not to get married?

The proportion of pornographic traffic on the Internet is very large, and now there are pornographic websites among the top ten of the world’s top cattle websites. Porn has promoted the development of Internet videos and pictures. It can be seen how much human demand for porn is. With the development of VR / AR virtual reality and augmented reality technology, pornographic resources have become more attractive. I believe that pornographic content will be in the future. The promotion of such technologies is also inevitable!

I can’t help wondering whether future technology may completely eliminate some industries, such as the prostitute industry, because you can perfect the same effect as finding a call girl through some augmented reality technology and some adult sex dolls, and spend less.

Human marriage has some important purposes, such as emotional needs, physiological needs, and the need to inherit.

Now, almost all of these needs can be solved with technology.

Such as emotional needs, the robot can completely customize the type life realistic sex doll you need to meet your emotional needs and accompany you.

Physiological needs, as mentioned above, robots do much better than humans!

The needs of succession, this technology can completely liberate women. The whole process of childbirth and pregnancy is done in vitro, and women are completely liberated!

The key is a robot that meets your needs. You are free from the shackles of marriage. Under this premise, how much is necessary for marriage? ? Is it possible for humans not to get married?