Topics that are often misled in sexual life

This is a question that many men are confused and biased about. In fact, women’s vagina is a very inclusive organ, which can accommodate the delivery of a baby. Sexologists found that the clitoris of women is the most sensitive organ, followed by the vagina mouth, including the size of the labia, and the vagina’s neural receptors are mainly concentrated in the outer 1 / 3, the less the distribution in, the less the sensitivity. Therefore, in terms of sexual pleasure, the penis is not necessarily the bigger the better. The larger the penis makes women feel local pain much higher than the normal size of the penis.

Length of sexual activity

Although the short-term sexual behavior often can not make sexual life fully satisfied, but the sexual behavior is not the longer the better, the key is to make the woman have enough time to start sexual desire. If the woman starts to have sex without sufficient preparation, the response of the woman is cold no matter how long the sex takes, and the orgasm can’t be achieved in 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even longer; however, if the preparation is sufficient and the sexual excitement is high, most of the women can reach the orgasm in 1.5-5 minutes after the sex. Generally speaking, the whole time of sexual behavior is 10-20 minutes, which can satisfy most men and women. Too long time of sexual behavior often makes people feel tired, local sensitivity reduced, even tired and tired to deal with. Of course, there are great individual differences in this respect. Use sex toy and sex doll if you want to prolong sex.

The importance of female orgasm

Although orgasm can bring great happiness and satisfaction to women, it is not necessary. For the vast majority of women, there is no orgasm in the first period of sexual life, and a strong sexual excitement will make them feel satisfied, which is “sexual satisfaction without orgasm”. At this time, they have the moisture of sexual organs and the release of physical tension and spiritual satisfaction. Many sexologists think that if women can reach orgasm 5 to 7 times in 10 times of sexual life, it is quite good.

Sexual problems in conversation between couples

The problem of conversational sex between husband and wife depends on the attitude and way of conversation. If the conversation becomes a quarrel, it is not conducive to the solution of the problem and seriously affects the intimate relationship between the two sides. When the husband and wife communicate with each other on sexual issues, they should take a positive, enthusiastic and sincere attitude; at the same time, they should speak in a proper way, and if necessary, they should be implicit and euphemistic; during the conversation, they should pay attention to listening to each other’s opinions, respect each other’s wishes, and express their sexual requirements that can’t be imposed on others, and they can’t do the things that each other is reluctant to do. Love between two sexes is not only a kind of demand, but also a kind of dedication. Both sides should choose and choose in their sexual behavior. When you master the principles of these sexual behaviors, talking about sexual issues between husband and wife can enhance their emotions.