Three funny NEWS about sex dolls.


British woman spends 10,000 on plastic surgery to turn herself into ‘sex doll’

Cindy, from salford, Greater Manchester, has spent £10,000 a year on breast implants, hair extensions and lip implants to transform herself into a real-life sex doll. Cindy has spent £7,000 on breast implants to turn her a-cup into fabulous F cup. She said: ‘I’m still not satisfied with the shape of my breast and I’m going to have another plastic surgery. I also want to have a tummy tuck and keep losing weight so I can look more like a sex doll.’

Cindy reportedly started wearing makeup at the age of 19, and was fond of flamboyant looks. But after knowing that her fiance was cheating on her, her fascination with plastic surgery became increasingly rampant. Cindy says she has received even more attention since the procedure, with 3,000 facebook followers and 4,000 Instagram followers.”A lot of guys stare at me now, and I can go out for date every night if I want to. Cindy said proudly.

Before and after plastic surgery


Sexual harassment of sex doll

An sex doll named “Annilenr” was found to be badly contaminated at the Austrian electronic arts festival. The doll’s breast was covered with black handprints, suffered from fingernail scratches and cracks in the most bizarre places, had to be sent back to the Spanish manufacturer for repair, cleaning and disinfection. Annilenr, an interactive artificial sex doll that became a star and attracted crowds of men, is now temporarily off display to clean up after being hugged and attacked by millions of men. Annilenr not only looks like a real person, but also can interact with the people, respond to being touched and speak several languages. Annilenr, which costs about $4,500 and is made in China and Spain, responds to touch and speaks several languages, and has sold 15 units so far


Men ordering sex dolls ‘that look like their mate’s girlfriends’

In a disturbing twist to the growing trend of sex dolls and robots, men are ordering silicone dolls designed to look like their friend’s girlfriends. The trend was revealed by a popular doll manufacturer, who said that dolls designed to look like celebrities were falling out of favour. Andy Phelps, product specialist at Silicone Sex World, told the Daily Star: “We do get customers who inquire about celebrity dolls although they are not as popular as you may think… “We do get some strange requests for dolls, such as dolls that look like friend’s girlfriends.”

Other sex doll manufacturers have previously spoken about the demand for dolls with “girl next door” looks. Jade Stanley from Sex Doll Official said that fulfilling customers’ fantasies was as easy as them sending a photo of someone they were attracted to. While it’s not clear whether dolls created in a real person’s image would run foul of the law, the rise in sex dolls has been met with several legal hurdles. Italy’s first sex doll brothel was raided and shut down by police only nine days after it was first opened in 2018. Offering clients silicone models inside one of its eight private rooms, LumiDolls Torino was found to be breaking Italian laws on renting out accommodation.

The city’s health authority also investigated if the dolls in the secret establishment situated in the northwestern city of Turin were thoroughly cleaned after each use. And last year a Timaru man was arrested and charged after importing a child sex doll. Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry told the Herald in 2017 that the office was aware of the growing, global trend and was monitoring it closely.

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