They have used more than 2,000 sex toys , What is it like to be a sex toy experiencer

They’ve used more than 2,000 sex toys, but they’re more serious than anyone else

Carla, who has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room, earns $250000 a year by having 15 orgasms a week. Sound like this girl has a special job, but she is actually a very serious tester, and the object of the test is sex toys.

Carla is at work

Carla works for an adult toy company as a sex toy tester, also known as a sex toy experiencer. The job is to use various types of sex toys in person every day, express her feelings in writing, and provide reference for customers.

The experience report should not only introduce the product in detail from the aspects of smell, packaging, hand feeling, etc., but also have the gameplay recommendation and label its applicable population. It is not as simple as somebody else said that you can make money by lying down. After all, too much exercise will hurt you.

Carla has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room

Qi, who is also a sex toy experiencer, says she spends most of her working day riding. Qi has used no less than 2000 sex toys. The first thing she does at work every day is to check out the products to be tested today in the office full of sex toys. Take inventory of the products to be tested today, take them to the “experience room”, and write down her feelings in a notebook as she go along.

Sometimes after use the sex toy, she didn’t have any energy to type the feeling, she would ask her female colleague to come and record for her. In fact, every climax will take away a lot of energy of Qi, not only work very tired during the day, go home at night and also have to together with her boyfriend, so taste experiencer is also a work only with youth.

The male experiencer Xiang that just entered a job not long, just happened to meet the new period of the company’s product, every day must be busy experience to write a report, many times, mental state is not very well. The company leader saw Xiang is very tired, took the initiative to give him two days off, let him go home and take care of the body.

To be an experiencer, should not only have a good body, but also be familiar with the products of the whole sex industry, not only the products of our company, but also the products of competitors and overseas products. It is necessary to know which brand of products is durable, which brand is more cost-effective and what kind of silicone is suitable for making products. You need to interact with fans online, and analyze users’ preferences based on sales data and reported readings. To answer users’ questions about the profession, experiencers learn themselves about sex.

Use words to accurately express the performance of the product without turning the experience report into pornography. Moreover, the report of the experiencer should not only be presented to the customers, but also be expounded in front of the whole company staff, stating the problems of the product and proposing suggestions for modification.

Can you imagine a young girl describing how she orgasms in front of a group of men?

“When it first got in, it was a little cold and the vibration wasn’t strong enough.”

“This position requires lying flat, not sitting.”

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