What’s Platinum TPE Sex Doll

The materials we have heard of realistic sex dolls are generally divided into “silicone” and “TPE”.We can always see the option of platinum tpe when browsing the sex doll website. So what is platinum TPE, what are the advantages compared to ordinary TPE? First of all, let’s look at the difference between them.

Platinum TPE Sex Doll

Platinum TPE is not as hard as ordinary one, but the opposite touch will be more realistic.

TPE sex doll

Silica gel is classified into “condensed silica gel” and “added” silica gel according to the material. The former has a large shrinkage rate, is odorous, is relatively hard, and is prone to aging. However, the curing is stable and the price is low, and it is mainly used for the production of various molds. The latter is also called “platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber”. It is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to temperature and anti-aging. However, it has high requirements for fixed-line and is expensive. It is generally used for women’s chest pads, medical supplies, and other adult products. It can be seen that the name of platinum silica gel is only a noun used in propaganda, which has nothing to do with the chemical element Pt. Platinum resins are platinum-cured silicones (just like they used tin-painted silicones in the past) so this is actually related to platinum used to catalyze the curing process.

TPE has oil oozing during use, and platinum silica gel is also known as oil-free TPE for better visual and physical performance. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more time on care of your love doll, and you don’t need to take talcum powder every time after exercise.

How to distinguish them: The simplest difference is to look at performance, is it not oil, no smell. There was no significant change after a while. The price of platinum silica gel is between silicone and ordinary TPE sex dolls. In terms of price, the price of cured rubber is generally more than 5,000 US dollars per ton, while the price of ordinary TPE is between 2000-5000 US dollars. In addition to these special TPE materials, TPE prices are more advantageous than silicone materials.