The skin material revolution of realistic sex dolls

At present, the best choice for making realistic sex dolls is platinum silica gel: it is hygienic and safe, non-toxic and odorless, has a long service life, and is not easy to produce oil and deform. The material cannot be recycled, and there is no solid sex doll made from waste materials.

Disadvantages: The texture is slightly harder than tpe, the material cost is high, and the leftovers and waste materials cannot be recycled, resulting in a high cost of making a single doll, and the relatively high retail price of the doll is unacceptable;

Generally speaking, when using silicone on a large area of ​​dolls, the texture is relatively hard. If the texture is not hard, the shape will not work, and it cannot be made at all. Therefore, the silicone is not like real skin, but it looks good. As for the physical doll, it is mainly used for viewing and photographing. Adults generally use medical silicone resin. The soft texture is very close to real human skin. The sexrealdoll love doll uses medical silicone resin.

Collectors and consumers of sex dolls have discussed the advantages of these two materials in detail online, and can even make their own dolls by themselves using TPE or silicone patches.

Although no other industry cares as much about the TPE vs. silicone “skin” debate, innovation in other areas may bring sex doll owners into a new realm. For example, hydrogel is a smooth, soft material being developed for condoms, and electronic skins with sensors are becoming increasingly popular in the robotics industry.