The world’s first sex robot has been born

i believe we are all familiar with the robot,with the arrival of artificial intelligence,the functions of robots have been fully developed.they can walk normally,climb stairs,or help people to do some auxiliary work.

Human beings are not limited to simple conversations with robots,permanent memories,and different personalities,Human tachnology has reached an unimaginable level.

Take kokoro,a human-like robot at the Tokyo international robot show.

There is also a Chinese female-like human robot named jia jia,created by the university of science and technology of china.

Today’s talk is about the californiabased company Abyss creation,which has been researching the production of sex dolls for 20 years and has become the largest sex toy factory in the United States.

As the industry leader,Abyss creation takes each doll seriously and customizes high-end sex dolls for its customers .

McMullen,the company’s founder,says he has been selling and producing sex dolls for more than two decades,starting out by making mannequins in his garage and creating locatable,precision dumpling chains skeletons.

The company recently introduced what it calls a true sex robot for women,and it’s not cheap either,strarting at $10000.

The robot is called Harmony,it stands for Harmony ,Dark eyes with reddish-brown hair,a Scottish sccent,and 18 personality traits,including extroversion,innocence,sex appeal,shyness……..

it is worth mentioning that the doll has an internal heater,which can simulate the real body temperature.when you touch the robot body,there is a temperature.

Add intelligent voice system,can carry on according to the voice of host various different response.

According to officials,each doll is made by hand,from the beginning of the design to the completion,about 80 hours,about a year,to produce 300~400 live dolls.

even the nails and eyelashes are super realistic.

it is worth mentioning that this robot not only has permanent memory,but also has a strong imitation learning ability,it can analyze user’s preference based on memory,and can be updated through mobile APP.

most importantly,all of the limbs can be bent and stretched at will and are super flexible to meet the owner’s postural requirements.

introducing the product,designer Matt MaMullen said taht the new product features a greater emphasis on companionship,thus satisfying the spiritual needs of users.

Static distance to feel,if you look from the photos,such a beautiful face,it is fascinated thousands of otaku.

on the official website,users can choose the type of doll they want,such as hair color,weight and skin tone.

it doesn’t matter if you like men,handsome male silicone dolls are also sold,so to speak,to meet the needs of different types of users.

for example,the small fresh meat type

But for male dolls,there are fewer options,and officials say work is under way on a male sex doll with a built-in battery that can be recharged for a continuous user experience.