Safe with Sex Toys

First consider whether the item is designed to be a sex toy, or whether it’s a “pervertible” . Use a safe cleaner made specifically for sex toys, like Classic Erotica Toy Cleaner, or mild soap and warm (not hot) water. Never submerge a battery-operated sex toy or an electric non-waterproof vibrator. You can boil silicone and Pyrex toys or run them through the dishwasher as long as they don’t have electrical components.

If two healthy people are already sharing fluids through oral sex and intercourse, then there is likely no additional risk to sharing a sex toy if they are monogamous. However, STDS can be transmitted via adult sex toys, so it’s not a good idea to share sex toys with friends or roommates.

When using toys, don’t go back and forth between anal and vaginal/anal play without cleaning the toy thoroughly. And always clean the toy off after each partner when using it for anal play.

Any material or toy could conceivably be used by any person, regardless of gender or orientation. Everyone has an anus, and no one type of person is overwhelmingly likely to eroticize his–or hers–or not. Pathogens that might hang out on a poorly cleaned sex toy aren’t there because of the user’s sexual orientation.

A well-made sex toy should be smooth and unbreakable, and can be cleaned sufficiently. Some hard plastic toys–which are typically safe products–have a seam in the middle or a hole where a battery or cord protrudes. Avoid toys like this that have hard-to-clean parts.

What is a human safety toy material?

Fortunately, there are many human-safe toys on the market, as well as bad toys. Although there are many materials that are safe for humans, due to their reliability and excellent look and feel, we specifically use the following materials to carry toys:

Medical grade organic
Silicone silicone is a compound mainly made of silicon dioxide (sand), which has high heat resistance, softness, non-absorption and is not easily damaged. It is one of our favorite sex toy materials because it is easy to clean and very safe.

Silicone sex toys can be made into almost any shape and can have any color. Your silicone dildo or toy (no motor or electronics) can be placed in an empty dishwasher or even boiled for disinfection. They can persist and have a skin-like feel.


Glittering jewelry-like artwork. Glass sex toys are beautiful, durable and non-porous. The sturdiness of the toy causes many people to swear a stronger feeling. Glass is also easy to maintain and does not absorb unwanted odors.

How to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections?

Learning how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is very important, especially if you are a man who has sex with other men. From 2005 to 2014, the number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) diagnoses rose 6% from trusted sources According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the proportion of women among homosexuals and bisexuals is higher.

Sexually transmitted infections are conditions that you can contract and spread easily during sex. Some can have few external symptoms. If you or your sexual partner have not been tested first, you will never know. Sexually transmitted infections can have serious health consequences, such as the development of diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Reduce the number of sexual partners in your life, monogamous with your partner, avoid situations where you are intoxicated and engage in dangerous sex, and test with your partner before having a sexual relationship.

Nearly half of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States occur unexpectedly each year, and about one-third of these women believe they were unable to conceive at the time. Contraception or birth control are important aspects of women’s health.

Sexually transmitted infections can be easily transmitted through the use of sex toys. Avoid sharing toys with others and always wash them after use to reduce risk.

How to choose your sex toy?

Choosing the right sex toy can be a real struggle. There are so many toys to choose from, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and the list goes on, that it is often a puzzling process that seems overwhelming to beginners and the experienced user too.

The first rule of shopping for a sex toy is to simply have fun and understand what it is that you like.There’s a lot of sex toys out there and we know it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Many things need to be taken into consideration, but one thing you should always check is the material used to make it!

We believe it’s essential to choose a body safe material that will stay in perfect condition for a long time. If you do choose a toy with vibrations, we suggest that you choose a rechargeable one. One of the main worries about toys with batteries is that it’s recommended that you take out the batteries when it’s not in use. Therefore, in a long-term use, non-rechargeable toys, that you throw away after a couple of uses are definitely a bad idea.

It is essential to keep in mind that sex toy’s manufacturers do not have any obligation to disclaim the materials used in the production of their toys. To be on the safe side, don’t buy any toys made of “hard plastics” or any unknown material. A good manufacturer will always be proud of what he/she puts in their products and will gladly share this information with you.

Designer sex toys are a bit picky

The designer must keep your safety in mind. This means that there are no pesky phthalates in sex toys, they will enter your personal parts, and they will not make a brand of quality toys that will not break during use.

Second, happy. We don’t want you to feel that you have a lawn mower inside. Adult toys must provide a sense of pleasure, and in our case the product must also feel luxurious and be the best of its kind.

Third, it is visually pleasing. Someone once said “you eat with your eyes”, and we believe that sex toy are the same. You must first anticipate that when it comes to sex toys, the first contact with the toy will be your eyes. Just because you do not live in the same apartment or house does not mean that you cannot maintain intimacy in long-distance love relationship.

VR Through applications, you can control each other’s devices, and you can feel each other through the devices through haptic feedback.

There are many options for how to connect with an application-based vibrator, and we provide a list of the best vibrations that will make your life difficult or sometimes lonely.

Our selection is based on popularity, independent online reviews (from couples who comment on adult sex toys for a living), and the feedback we get from customers, design, quality, and practicality.

Early American sex toy sales

This seems to be difficult because the most difficult place to track culture with sex stationery is the United States. Books on the history of pornography tend to ignore sex toys. Andrea Tone’s book on contraceptives, appliances and desires.

It is mainly aimed at those who visit bars without going to sex shops, hoping to make people no longer have taboos when buying sex products, because these supplies may promote marriage harmony and enhance the relationship between partners. They want this behavior to become more mainstream, and now is the right time. “

Believe that sex should be exciting, fun, and safe, and as an adult, there is nothing wrong with any way of enjoying sex yourself or with others. Sex is not a shame. It is precisely because of the convenience and affordability of vending machines for adult sex toys that they can compete with physical and online stores.

A company in Philadelphia in the United States has launched a vending machine for sex toys. Customers can get a good experience for very little money. Buying adult products can be as easy as buying snacks. Not only that, sex toys are suitable for all couples. According to an estimate in 2010, 70% of global sex toys are made in China, and 50% are exported to US companies.

How to choose the material of sex toys?

What is jelly?
Jelly rubber is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a softener (called phthalate). It accounts for 98% of the sex toy market because it is soft, translucent and easy to produce. Most jelly may contain a small amount of latex, so if you are one of the 2% highly sensitive people, choose another product. If your toy is soft and is not specifically made from silicone or elastomer, it is most likely a jelly.

What is an elastomer?
TPE is Thermoplastic Elastomer-TPE, which is a new type of polymer material between rubber and resin. It is non-toxic and pollution-free and meets medical grade safety standards. It is the best material for the currently popular sex dolls. Silicone is another type of thermoset elastomer. Latex-free, non-porous material with the soft, elastic properties of jelly, no odor or chemical residue.

Hard plastic toys?
Toys made from these materials are usually cheap. They do not react with your skin and they do not absorb body fluids. And because they are not covered with a soft “buffer layer”, the vibrations are more intense. However, hard plastics clearly lack the elasticity or realism of soft materials. Nowadays, safety and health are being paid more and more attention. No matter high school, low grade, safety and health are always fun toys. Earlier adult sex toys made of PVC material have withdrawn from the stage of history due to safety issues.

American sex toys popular distribution details

This is an analysis based on Google research, and every state in the United States has popular sex toys in that state. Is it caused by geographical problems? The results of this study may inspire sex toy manufacturers to expand their product lines, thus allowing new products to appear in the adult product market, because consumer curiosity can never be satisfied.

 The best-selling adult sex toys in the United States are: a dildo and a vibrator, tied for first place. In addition, bundled sex toys and anal inserts also rank high.

According to research, binding equipment (such as strapping ropes, mouthballs, and leather whip) is the most popular in 9 states, including Iowa and Nevada. The winner.

Research has found that mouthball is particularly popular in Idaho, Nevada and Tennessee. In addition, penis rings and female penis are also popular with consumers in some states (such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.). In 2017, the North American adult product market size was 11.671 billion US dollars, the European adult product market size was US $ 10.79 billion, and the Asia-Pacific region adult product market size was US $ 10.021 billion.

As sex toys are gradually recognized by the public, the return to a rational understanding of sex culture drives consumer demand for fun and peace.

Tips for traveling with sex toys

Security checks while traveling are the things we fear most. Travelers pack everything in their bags, from an extra T-shirt to that perfect beach novel. However, some of these items are more private. Although this behavior may embarrass passengers, they can only be highly alert to the media.

A woman named Renee was ordered not to board the plane because sex toys was found in her trunk. In a subsequent lawsuit, Renee accused Delta Air Lines of security personnel from taking the shaker out of the bag in public, without any evasion.

Although through X-rays we can often see the ‘toys’ contained in the bag during security checks, but this is still a problem overall. Staff rules are also awkward, and the boundaries of individual law enforcement are unclear. The staff are no different from you and me. They are ordinary people with passions. There are good people, assholes, and weirdoes. But most people still hope to reduce the work trouble as much as possible.

As long as no explosives appear to be filled, the operator will let them through. There are tricks to get your adult toys through smoothly. Put it in a sealed plastic bag, take out the battery, and put a label on the outside of the bag. If you carry a vibrator with you, the basic rules are the same … wrap the toy because you don’t want the staff to open it in public. The staff will also become more understandable when you have enough guts.

When hackers focus on sex toys, your data will be “stolen”?

As sex toys become more intelligent, they are now able to calculate calories, get people to locate them, record audio and video, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, people can even remotely control each other’s happiness.
Whether it’s cracking exploring sex toys or DIY new sex toys, people will be able to break taboos and shame, get better sexual pleasure, and more importantly, many revolutionary concepts created by hackers, targeting a few Crowd innovation, mainstream big companies can hardly see or realize similar ideas due to their various restrictions.

This also opens the door to hacking toys. In the SexTech hackathon and DIY sex toy workshops where most hackers in the sex field gather, more and more hackers spontaneously form communities to find new ways to write sex toys together, and some are carried out with the support of adult sex toy companies.

Therefore, when we buy a sex toy or sex doll, we should first ensure that it meets the standards for safe use, and then we must check the device’s privacy terms and data collection policies, and have a strict sense of privacy protection at all times.

But when intelligence becomes embedded in the tools of our lives, the privacy crisis will only continue to expand. This is still a difficult problem that cannot be curbed now. The only way we can completely avoid it is to stay away from intelligence, or until there are more intelligent ways to solve it.