The development of the market for tens of billions of sex toys

Because of the privacy of sex toys, many people are willing to try to buy online.A few decades ago, at the sex toy convenience store, people have seen a lot of things that have not been seen. Anyone who has sex with them can be found here. Those who are willing to buy will flee with the purchased products in the first time, and more often don’t dare to rush in before the door. How has the current sex industry developed after more than 20 years?

With the rapid spread of the Internet, the interest industry has developed greatly. In 2015, it was the year of the outbreak of Chinese sex toys. In this year, the data of the fun industry reached its peak.

Undoubtedly, under the wave of “Internet +”, the sex doll industry, which was full of “sexuality” and full of words such as “shame”, “skull” and “taboo”, began to enter the public’s field of vision and was slowly becoming famous. The gradual rise of commercial companies also proves that this is a market with many pain points, realizable and great potential.

Take Japan, the United States, and China as an example. In 2015, for example, Japanese sex toys traded at US$83 billion, US sex toys traded at US$65 billion, and Chinese sex toys traded at US$18 billion. Second, in smart sales. In the freighter market, Japan has 6.5 million units, the United States has 5.1 million units, and China has 500,000 self-service vending machines.

Why people are obsessed with Sex Expo?

With the lively discussion of the recent South African Love Sex Expo, the Adult Entertainment Expo has once again had a fever. The four-day expo offers sexy shopping and spectacular entertainment experiences, which will begin in Times Square, Maine, Maine on October 10, 2019 and will continue until October 13, 2019. day.

Sex Expo is a high end activity, to promote sexual health via offering mature sexual enquirers, sexual educations and excellent sex toys.

2019 New York Sex Expo

You can enter an open environment where you can learn the latest facts about intimacy with style and talent! Compared with the colorful New York City, is there any better place to explore the diversity of senses? Consisting of today’s intimate and romantic leaders, Sex Expo will provide an accelerated course to learn about modern relationships through attending seminars and engaging presentations.

The Sex Expo will showcase the best insights and intimate products, and will be guided by leading experts. Sex Expo’s exhibition area will enable you to immerse yourself in the exploration of today’s bestsellers through product demonstrations and special events, as well as like-minded singles and couples. Only participants aged 18 or older with a valid ID can participate in the event.

2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

It was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from January 23rd to 26th. AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) is called “CES for Sex Toys” by Wired Magazine. The AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) will take over the expanded exhibition center of Hard Rock Hotel in 2019 and will be limited to trade participants. ANE’s continued growth and success provide companies with the opportunity to expand relationships, learn about new trends and meet all key people and companies involved in sex toys, realistic sex dolls and novelty industries.

Because prostitute and striptease girl can’t be a full sex partner, or be ashamed to talk about what they want. The purpose of such fairs is to educate people to exchange entertainment. And there will be the display of porn stars and the emergence of some extreme things.

Is it “porn” to own sex dolls?

There is no law, and there is no legal provision prohibiting the sale of inflatable sex dolls.

For many people who want to buy it for the first time, they are both curious and afraid because they don’t know how to use it or buy it.

The inflatable sex doll is a kind of artificial adult sex toy product, which is made according to the proportion of the girl 1:1, instead of the real person to satisfy the orgasm. Inflatable dolls are softer and more elastic after inflation. The skin is similar to a real girl. It is easy to carry and clean. It can be used repeatedly.

Sex dolls are like condoms that we often find.These are adult products.Some requirements are normal and cannot be explained by pornography. Like today’s sex dolls, the look is not only closer to the real human body, but even the skin is restored with the highest technology.If you don’t look carefully, you’ll think it’s a real person.