How to get out of the shadow of the breakup?

After breaking up, don’t be friends, don’t contact, let alone meet. This is the best way to let each other live their own lives. Don’t say whether they are still friends after breaking up. Sorry, I don’t accept such friends. Once breaking up, all kinds of contact methods are deleted in minutes, and each one is clean. This is the best way to end the relationship. OK, let’s learn about it.

1. It’s easy to ” hunger and no choice” in a short time after a breakup: the best way to forget the last relationship is to “quickly” invest in the next one. Maybe when you fall in love with another person, it will help you get out of the haze of the old love. However, if you use a blind relationship to heal or put in a new love too soon, it will hurt others and yourself. This kind of habit of “hunger and no choice” after breaking up will probably bring you more harm. According to the survey, 64% of the respondents admitted that they were still infatuated with the relationship with their predecessors after their breakup, and 86% of the respondents believed that it was more beneficial than harmful to draw a clear line with their predecessors. And don’t have casual sex with others.

2. Tracking the past with social software: there are only a few examples of peaceful breakups, most of which are emotional breakups caused by the lack of consensus between the two parties. You may know it’s not right, but after the break-up, you just can’t help tracking your ex every day and night. From facebook, then mood signature, and then what new fans twitter has added, you observe the “predecessor” like a detective, no matter with a composite mentality or revenge mentality, or a playful mentality, as long as these behaviors are unhealthy, which is not conducive to your new chapter of life.

3. Nostalgia for the old place of dating: coffee shops, bookstores and even roads that often meet old lovers are not conducive to the development of new relationships. In addition, there are emotional experts who suggest that in order to get out of the lovelorn atmosphere as soon as possible, you should break away from the old common circle of friends for a period of time. According to the survey, 50% of the respondents said it was very difficult to completely break away from the influence of their predecessors and cut off their old love, which they even thought was too impersonal. Choosing a favorite sex doll is also a good choice.

4. Can’t help talking about your predecessor to your relatives and friends: for the sake of your friends, family and the harmonious development of the society, after the break-up. Whether it’s complaining about the shortcomings of the predecessor or nostalgia for the past sweetness, it’s not suitable to continue to talk about the past things after breaking up. It’s acceptable to complain with friends occasionally. However, if the topic is always around the predecessor, friends will be bored to alienate you.

How to improve women’s happiness greatly is a problem that men need to consider. In fact, in love, men still need to pay attention to women’s feelings. They can’t patronize their comfort and ignore their girlfriend. Such love won’t last forever. In fact, only women can be confused and obsessed, and you can get twice the result with half the effort, your life is perfect!!