The relationship between men’s sexual endurance and blood type

Don’t think that the theory of blood type and personality is a kind of fiction and coincidence. Experts have found that a man’s attitude towards sexual life is closely related to his blood type, and also affects the length of his sex.

Type A men have a strong desire for sex.

According to statistics, the average sexual life time of type a men is about 4 minutes and 26 seconds, which is the shortest of the four blood groups. The advantage of doing so is that they have more frequent sex, 196 times a year on average, every 1.86 days. Type a men have been trying to get women to orgasm. If you can say, “great! Then he must love you very much. Needless to say, the biggest weapon against type a men is coquetry. Type a men have 4 sexual partners on average in their whole life. They have the best understanding with type O women. They work hard in bed. They must make their sexual partners have orgasms before they stop. They are typical good men who are more considerate of each other.

Type B men enjoy open sex.

They are very fond of trying different sex toys, and they will also like different styles of sex dolls. Don’t like the sex life of darkness, depression, or marriage problems. In short, love and sex are two different things. You can make love without love, or you can confirm love without sex. If a woman can speak frankly about her happiness, she may enjoy a happy marriage. Type B men have the most endurance. On average, sex lasts the longest, about 7 minutes and 11 seconds. Sex is not heavy in quality. It’s made 158 times a year on average, every 2.31 days. Type a women have an average of eight sexual partners in their lives, and they have the strongest chemical reactions.

Type AB men are serious sexists.

It’s not hard to work with him, and he likes pornographic jokes, but the truth is that they’re all spotless about sex, so it’s best to work in a natural way. Others believe that partners must be virgins or they will appear inactive. It’s best to create a great atmosphere in a natural way. Type AB men are the most conservative in sex, spending an average of 6 minutes and 10 seconds making love, followed by the most endurance men. They have sex an average of 173 times a year, every 2.1 days. On average, they have three sexual partners in their lives, the lowest and closest to type a women. Conservative to sex, won’t easily go to bed with a woman, when going to bed, must have feelings

Type O men are passionate sexists.

Think of sex as an integral part of life, just like eating. People with type O blood show a more relaxed attitude while accepting sex enthusiastically. Usually when a man and a woman are in love, their passion will push them to the edge. This leads to the experience of sex, which is obviously very different from men’s transactional sex. Generally speaking, people with type O blood are more active in love, but more greedy. They make the love process serious and delicate, but after the event, they can’t grasp the beautiful moment memories. The average time of sexual life of men with blood group O is 5 minutes and 32 seconds, ranking the third among the four blood groups. They have sex 180 times a year, every 1.91 days. On average, they have about six sexual partners in their lifetime, most of them in line with type O women.