Notes and usage of physical dolls

The physical DOLL is a male sex toy designed for adults. Today, I’d like to tell you something to pay attention to.

Sex toy notes:

  1. First of all, the physical doll is aimed at adult males. Whether it is purchased or used, it should be carefully avoided to display in front of non-adults.
  2. Product hygiene. The entity doll of normal brand USES the material that is healthy and safe, won’t produce harm to human body in the process that use, but even so, also want, attention is right the maintenance of product sanitation.

The physical doll is a kind of simulation adult sex toy, can replace the real person to meet the sexual needs, very popular with the otaku men. For the first time to use a physical doll, the use of the method is not deep understanding.

How do physical dolls work? Here are the steps.

How to use sex toy?

  1. To open the box and take out the physical doll, it is necessary to find a space twice the size, at least 100cm×50cm. Don’t leave the cartons lying around and take good care of them, because they will be needed in the future when they are sent back to the original factory for repair of damaged parts.
  2. Remove the plastic wrap and check whether the physical doll is damaged during handling.
  3. Send the physical doll to the bathroom and grease the physical doll. To soften the doll’s body, the silicone is infused with an oil that gives the doll an attractive aroma. In this way, over time, the surface of the physical doll will have the appearance of oil, therefore, a weekly bath to the physical doll oil.
  4. after the bath, to give the body doll powder. Use regular baby powder. The purpose is to remove the oil at the same time, the physical doll grease, and the body of the dirty things away. After that, rinse, oil, powder, and then wipe off the powder and dirt with a wet towel. Then wait for the entity doll dry, powder again, keep the body dry and clean can.
  5. when the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place a physical doll, in order to prevent fingertips and other places of wear, in the arm on the stockings.
  6. After the physical doll is ready, put a condom on the DD, apply appropriate amount of lubricant and choose your favorite way。

I believe we have a deeper understanding of how to use the physical doll, only the correct use of the physical doll life will be longer.