Teach you to read the subtle courtship signals

Although people don’t think sex is as conservative as before, female are shy and passive when facing sex. It’s hard for them to tell men by mouth. So when women want to have sex, they often suggest it through their limbs. So in normal sexual life, male friends should pay more attention to this aspect. Only in this way can sex be more harmonious.

1、Take the initiative. Hugging is the simplest but most intimate physical contact. When a woman wants to be close, she actively seeks to embrace and approach her partner. If she lies in your arms and coquettes with words, it means that she is waiting for your further intimacy.

2、Sexy wear. When a woman wears a sexy bra and intentionally “shows off” her sexy underwear in front of you, it shows that she wants to be her partner’s “stripper”. Sometimes they actively use sex toy.

3、Extend kissing time. Kissing is more than lip to lip contact. If the woman bites your lower lip or licks your mouth with her tongue, it could be a “I need more” sign.

dyspnea. It’s a sexual signal that can’t be disguised. If she breathes fast and her heart beats fast, it means she “really wants it.”.

4、Twist her body. When you approach her, her body responds positively and becomes very soft. She’ll hook her arm around your neck. Her legs seem to be twisting. She’s inviting you with her body language. Sex dolls can also give you sexual satisfaction.

5、Hip movement. Women have a lot of hip movements. If she repeats the same action on her hips, it shows that she is eager for you to enter her body.

When women face sexual desire, they will have physical cues, which requires sexual friends to observe these problems more, so that one side will not be excited, while the other side is purely dealing with them.